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Barcode Labels


Barcode labels are used in a variety of applications. From simple product labelling to tracking goods through the warehouse, labels can be an important part of the manufacturing and warehousing process. With this in mind it is important to use the correct label in your application. Our dedicated media department can provide you with a quote for a label to meet your exact requirements, at a very competitive price.



Barcode-IT supplies quality labels in a variety of shapes and sizes, in a multitude of materials and with various adhesives. Choosing the right label for your printing application can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you have little or no prior experience or knowledge. We have the capability to supply specialist labels including paper, tags, polyester and a full range of niche synthetics.


At Barcode-IT we aim to make the ordering procedure simple and hassle free and with our extensive knowledge of all this barcoding, we can recommend the correct solution for you after just a few short questions, and at a price to suit your budget. A variety of direct thermal and thermal transfer labels sizes are kept in stock and can be sent to you for next day delivery. More complicated, non-stock labels can be ordered and shipped to you within 7-10 working days on average.


The Basics of Label Buying

Below are some of the factors you need to think about when purchasing labels for your project. Armed with the information below, you can get a quotation for the right labels in no time at all.


Size of Label

It is possible to get almost any size of label, the only limitation is the width of printer that you are using. Some label sizes are very common and are therefore often kept in stock. These sizes are based on inch measurements generally, for example 2" x 1" (50mm x 25mm) or 4" x 6" (101mm x 152mm). If your perfect label size is around a stock size, it may be a much more cost effective solution to compromise slightly and opt for a stock size. Delivery will be quicker and there are no cutter charges involved for exact label sizes. However, if a particular label size is required, we can get you a competitive quotation, whatever the quantity.


Make and Model of Printer

Knowing what type of printer the labels are to go through is important when purchasing labels. The printer make and model determines the core size and the maximum number of labels you can have on a roll. Also some labels use different methods of detecting where to stop printing or how to find the next label.


Paper vs. Plastic

Paper labels are very common and used in a huge number of label printing applications. Paper labels are suitable where there is no chance of the labels getting wet, the environment is not too harsh and it's not a problem if the labels are ripped. Plastic/synthetic labels are a more durable label solution, surviving in very harsh environments, thay are tear resistant and a much more longlife labelling solution.


Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer

Confused about the type of label you need to use. We're here to help guide you through the process. Labels can be purchased as either direct thermal or thermal transfer.


Direct thermal labels use thermal paper to transfer the image to the label using just heat created by the printhead. Direct thermal labels can appear more expensive, but when you consider that there is no need to purchase ribbons or a thermal transfer mechanism on the printer, they can be a much more cost effective solution for labels required for short-term use. Direct thermal labels have a shorter shelf life than thermal transfer labels, as they are more susceptible to heat and light, so we advise a shelf life of up to 6 months for these labels once printed or for storage purposes.


Thermal transfer labels require a ribbon to transfer an image onto the label. The label and ribbon pass through the printer at the same time and heat created by the printhead transfers the image onto the label. Thermal transfer labels are a longer life solution for label requirements and survive in harsh environments well, if the label and ribbon are matched correctly. It's important to ensure that your label material and ribbon are well matched, to avoid the image on the label smudging or not being transferred to the label at all.


Permanent vs. Removable Adhesive

Labels can be ordered with various different types of adhesive. Permanent adhesive is the most common type of adhesive, as generally customers do not want or need the labels to be removed. However, in some applications, especially products that are sent to consumers like glasses, plates, etc., labels need to be removed for aesthetic reasons.


For more information on our barcode labels or to enquire about a more complex label type, please do not hesitate to contact our media sales team on 01200 441977.

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