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Let us help you manage your mobile devices and printers from purchase through to end of life. Reduce security issues, manage updates, ensure software is correctly configured, reduce device losses and maintain full visibility over your fleet of data capture devices, tablets and printers, with our range of managed services.

Once your business has chosen mobile data capture devices and barcode printers for a project, who takes on the responsibility of managing them moving forwards? Android OS updates and patches, managing damaged units and even locating missing units can take up valuable time and resources or simply becomes an issue that no-one within the business takes ownership of at all. At Barcode-IT, we have been providing our customers with a full range of managed services for many years to ensure their fleet of mobile devices and printers remain up to date and in good working order. We work with a variety of partners to ensure your business finds the best solution for managing devices throughout their lifecycle.


Once you've selected the correct mobile device for your business requirements, the next crucial step of the project is to ensure all of the applications you require are correctly configured to work on that device and offer optimal functionality for your operators. Sounds simple, but in our experience differing versions of Android OS, enabling barcode scanning capabilities and ensuring the application runs effectively, can be far more difficult than you might think.

That's why we offer our customers a device configuration service to enable them to manage their own device fleet or allow us to manage the devices for them, particularly useful if IT resources within the company are limited or provided by an external company not proficient in mobile data capture devices.


According to Zebra Technologies, companies lose between 12% and 15% of their mobile device fleet per annum, which depending on the size of the fleet can equate to a substantial amount of money, not to mention inconvenience. Although physical cabinets exist that can be combined with software to provide a device tracking solution, the cost of the cabinets and physical space required to locate them can be prohibitive, which is why we recommend Waizu's Virtual Smart Cabinet solution to our customers.


Virtual Smart Cabinet intelligently assigns specific handheld mobile computers to users, detects idle devices and sounds alarms when devices are misplaced. Waizu lets you containerise any location and automate device management from within it, whether that's a charging cabinet, secure area, a room, a shelf or simply a charging dock. Virtual Cabinet Software gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can always locate and retrieve devices and that they will be charged and ready for the next shift.

"The scanners were a big investment for us, but Waizu's Virtual Cabinet software has made it so that we don't need to worry about the location of that investment. I was checking Waizu on a daily basis at first, but I don't any more as I know it's working in the background to make sure the scanners are where they need to be." - Steven Soar, Trade Chemicals Limited.



Manage, secure and control your Android mobile device fleet with our mobile device management solutions, designer specifically for managing Android enterprise devices. Many of our customers make the mistake of believing their standard device management software like Microsoft Intune, will be sufficient to manage their Android enterprise devices, but unfortunately the functionality to update Android devices efficiently, just isn't within them.

Reasons to add a Mobile Device Management (MDM) to your solution include:

  • Maintain devices whilst up and running in the field; upload, push, configure and update apps with ease.

  • Streamline device enrolment - get new devices up and running in seconds.

  • Lock down and secure devices to ensure data is not compromised.

  • Set up alerts to be made aware of any configuration issues. 



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