Datalogic have released their latest fully rugged, mobile data capture device; the Skorpio X5. Featuring high end technology, including wireless charging, Android 10 operating system and the largest display on the market, but at mid-range prices, the Skorpio X5 is more.

The new Skorpio X5 from Datalogic is their latest ultra-fast, high-performing key-based mobile computer and has the largest multi-touch display in the Portable Data Terminal (PDT) market. It delivers everything needed to ensure the utmost productivity and efficiency. The Skorpio X5 features the latest generation of scan engines, specifically designed and developed by Datalogic, including a unique Mid-Range imager. With this rugged tool, workers can immediately read any barcode, in any condition, whether labels are damaged, scratched, visible or under a plastic wrap.

The Skorpio X5 comes with the largest and the brightest Gorilla™ Glass display in the PDT market. Its 4.3 inch screen provides a wide viewable space, allowing the user to run the most modern and feature-rich applications, or provide a clearer and easier to read a screen for simple apps. The high visibility screen makes the Skorpio X5 a perfect tool for outdoor working environments, like logistics operations. It enables your staff to operate comfortably in any light condition, including bright outdoor lighting, while delivering maximum readability.


Staff can work seamlessly, whilst running the most energy-demanding applications. In fact, the Skorpio X5 wireless charging models are the only PDTs in the market equipped with this future-proof charging technology that delivers top reliability and the lowest cost of ownership. With the ultra-reliable, contactless charging models, users benefit from a much lower maintenance cost since traditional charging contacts are more prone to failure, rust, dust accumulation and microbial growth. In addition, the Skorpio X5 comes with hot swappable battery technology and a state-of-the-art charging and battery management, making the device suitable for very long shifts, such as extended retail in-store and backroom operations.

The Skorpio X5 runs the latest Google OS Android™ version with the user-friendly GMS (Google Mobile Services). Its unmatched intuitiveness, user experience, stability, and security are guaranteed with the latest Android versions and leveraging Google Enterprise APIs for security and deployment. Being an AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) device, the Skorpio X5 meets the enterprise-grade requirements set by Google and is rigorously tested based on Google’s established best practices and requirements.


With the Skorpio X5, users can choose the scan engine that will better fit with their business needs: Linear imager, Standard 2D Imager, and the new and unique Mid-Range imager, which reads up to 2 m in distance. Many customers need to scan from distances further than a typical standard range, but they have no need for a more expensive extra-long range scan engin, which is why Datalogic have introduced a new Mid-Range scan engine to fill this gap. The Skorpio X5 is light, ergonomic and perfectly balanced and can be hung in a beIt holder accessory when not used. It comes with a choice of keypad that best fits the specific application and operational needs: 28 Keys Numeric, 38 Keys Function and 47 Keys Alphanumeric Keyboards. In addition, the Skorpio X5 offers plenty of scan key options: 2 Side, 1 central, trigger (Pistol version) or bottom (HH version), plus a Soft Spot allowing users to scan in the most comfortable way.