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Dexterity WMS - Warehouse Processes


Our vision at Dexterity is to provide an intelligent solution to automate every single process in the warehouse and deliver maximum benefits to your supply chain. Dexterity WMS automates key transactions within the warehouse, including everything from goods receiving to despatch. Below is an overview of these basic automated transactions and how each provides efficiencies and savings within your business.



Good Receiving

Dexterity WMS provides for the receipt of products into the warehouse using mobile computers, streamlining and speeding up your goods in process. The receiving process automates and validates the receipt of goods against a purchase order. Goods receiving is in real-time, ensuring that product is accounted for as soon as it has been booked in. Product barcode labels can be produced at good receiving for items, cartons or pallets that are not already barcoded.



The putaway function in Dexterity WMS guides operators to the correct locations within the warehouse, so that stock is easily accessible when being picked at a later date. Putaway is generally rules-driven and there are multiple options for defining putaway rules. Using mobile computers means that all putway activity is recorded in real-time and verified, reducing putaway time and improving stock and location accuracy. This promotes faster and more accurate order picking down the line.


Quality Management

Dexterity WMS allows users to manage quality control status of stock in the warehouse. Products that need initial QC on receipt can be easily identified and specific QC rules can be defined dependant on your needs. Problem stock, including out of date stock or damaged stock, can be quickly isolated and QC labels can be printed using mobile printers at the point of receipt. Dexterity WMS allows users to produce a complete audit trail from Goods In to Pick & Ship, which is essential for industries like Food and Pharmaceuticals.


Stock Management

Dexterity makes stocktaking easy. Mobile computers are used to scan the locations and items to allow real-time stock checks. Accurate inventory records mean that many companies can move away from traditional monthly stocktaking and introduce perpetual inventory checks through cycle counting. This vastly reduces the time it takes to stock take, with massive savings in labour and unaccounted stock - many of our customers report a 99.9% stock accuracy following installation of Dexterity WMS.


Order Picking

The picking function guides operators to the items to be picked for the order and validates picking of items against a sale/pick order. As items are picked they are verified as to quantity, location and the validity of the item number, making picking errors a thing of the past. The order pickers using the mobile terminals are guided through the picking process by location and are provided with instructions on the terminal about the item and quantity to be picked. Validation is the key to minimising picking errors and accurate inventory. Each step of the pick is validated by scanning a barcode for the location and item.


Packing and Despatch

Dexterity WMS automates the packing and despatch processes, eliminating packing and shipping errors. Simply scan the despatch note with a mobile computer to confirm shipping and the information will be updated in real-time to the system. Dexterity WMS software integrates directly with carrier software, allowing Dexterity to populate and print carrier tracking labels, as well as despatch notes and customer labels. This eliminates the need to re-input the delivery information, reducing the likelihood of shipping errors and speeding up the despatch process.



For more information on Dexterity WMS could automate the warehouse processes in your warehouse, give us a call to chat through your specific requirements.


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