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ERP Integration


Dexterity WMS can be integrated with almost any system, including modern ERP, Financials and many legacy and in-house systems. We are accredited Sage 200 developers and work closely with many other ERP providers to integrate our Dexterity WMS software as seamlessly as possible. Over the years we have integrated our software with a number of ERP solutions and in-house written software, so whatever you currently use, we have a WMS solution for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


I already have an ERP system, why do I need Dexterity WMS?

Many ERP and commercial software suites are excellent business management solutions covering all aspects of commercial operations, including procurement, customer relationship management (CRM), sales orders and complete financials. However, warehouse management using "live" software and technology is sometimes lacking in traditional ERP software.


Often relying on paperwork and re-keying information, the ERP system can be difficult to use, time consuming and frequently 24 hours behind when it comes to stock levels, goods received and orders shipped. Dexterity WMS fills this gap and is a fully featured modular solution, designed to automate and streamline your warehouse operations, using wireless technology and interfacing directly with your ERP system.



Worried about integrating a WMS?

Don't worry. At Barcode-IT we have a wealth of experience in integrating our Dexterity WMS with many ERP and older legacy systems. As Dexterity WMS is built using the latest Microsoft technology you can use standard office tools like Excel and Crystal Reports to query the data and produce your own custom reports and views.


Here's how it works:


  • Dexterity WMS will automatically import data from your ERP or legacy system, including items (products), customers, suppliers, purchase orders, sales orders and stock adjustments.


  • Dexterity WMS integrates with all the leading carrier carrier provider's software including DHL (Yodel), Fedex, TNT, UPS NightFrieght and DPD. Dexterity solutions can provide electronic data to your EDI software provider for ASN (Advanced Shipping Notices) messages, which is crucial if you deal with some of the larger retailers, i.e. B&Q, Tesco, etc.


  • Dexterity integrates with your e-mail system to provide instant alerts on set events, e.g. Order Shipped, Low Stock alerts, QA issues and more.


  • Dexterity is fully integrated with the mobile scanning devices and label printers in the warehouse over the wireless network making Dexterity a completely "live" and interactive system.


  • Dexterity can be integrated with other systems using a variety of methods: XML files, CSV files, TXT files, API's, Business Objects and ERP SDK's, SQL stored procedures and shared database tables, event notifications and more.


For more information about integrating Dexterity WMS with your current software solution, contact us to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

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