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New ADLoG DLT-V72 Mobile Computer


DLoG DLT-V72 Series Mobile Computer


The latest vehicle mount terminal from ADLoG gives users more power, more memory and even more ruggedness. The DLT-V72 is a rugged vehicle mount terminal designed for efficiency in logistics, able to perform in a wide range of temperatures from hot to deep freezer environments, whether dry or humidity loaded.


The new DLT-V72 series mobile computers shows DLoG are continually evolving their product to take into account customer needs and produce an even more rugged mobile computer for use in warehouses and manufacturing environments.


Take the touch screen for example. The new DLT-V72 comes with a choice of 3 different screen options:


  • Resistive touch screen for standard applications


  • Projective capture touch screen (PCT) for applications where heavy abrasions or scratching the screen is anticipated


  • With Defroster Film for applications where fork lift vehicles move in and out of areas with differing temperatures. The Defroster Film can survive in temperatures down to -30°C and remains ice free, regardless of condensation formed when moving from a warm to a cold environment and back again.


The integrated Advantech-DLoG low profile antenna solution combines in excellence high transmission quality with a smaller size. An optional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) ensures that the computer will not turn off when the forklift battery is changed or loses power for any reason.


Other DLT-V7210 features include:

  • Intel ATOM E3845 Quad Core 1.91GHz with 4 GB RAM
  • Supports MS Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, MS-Windows 7 Professional and MS-Windows 8.1 Industry Pro, WES& & WES8 operating systems


  • Colour TFT in either 10 or 12 inches


  • The vehicle terminals can be started and shut down via the ignition; the new terminals can be connected to the vehicle’s electronics via CAN interface


  • Extremely rugged, IP66 for entire system


  • Class 5M3 Shock Vibration resistance


  • Wide-range power supply from 12/24/48 V; one power supply for different vehicles


  • WLAN* with integrated diversity antenna (optional) for reliable data transfer under difficult sending and receiving conditions


  • WWAN* (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA) for greatest flexibility regarding radio and wireless standards


  • Bluetooth* for wireless connection of scanner, printer, etc.


  • Numerous serial interfaces (USB, COM, serial I/Os)


  • Advantech-DLoG Voice Kit* (microphone/loudspeaker)


  • Extremely wide temperature range


  • Optimal mechanical protection against vibration and shocks


For more information on the ADLoG DLT-V72, contact Nigel Holloway on 01200 441977.


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