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DLoG DLT-V83 Series Mobile Computer Terminal


Demands on material flow and logistics processes are increasing. In order to support work processes optimally, vehicle terminals have to be sophisticated and efficient. With the new DLT-V83 series, Advantech-DLoG presents the latest generation of flexible, robust and easy to use vehicle terminals that will meet any challenge. The follow-up to the successful MPC 6 model from Advantech-DLoG comes loaded with experience from thousands of system integrations. The compact case of the vehicle terminal offers full IP protection and is resistant to shock and vibration – which makes it stable and reliable and capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions. As well as the proven standard features, the new forklift terminal has the latest equipment components when it comes to processor technology and operating system.


The DLT-V8310 uses the latest operating systems, Windows 8.1, 7 Embedded, Win 7 Professional and WES 2009, to ensure that the technology you buy is future proof and provides the latest features that the technology has to offer. As many business are currently in the process of upgrading the operating systems, it is important that all hardware linked to the system is compatible and that includes devices fitted to fork lift trucks.


DLoG now offer a powerful Intel Core i5 version of the DLoG DLT V-8310.The DLT-i5 uses the dual core i5 1.9 GHz with a custom made mother board for truly high performance, which can accept up to 16 Gb RAM and up to 128Gb storage, although 8Gb Ram with and 16Gb storage is enough for most. This means that users can order the DLT-i5 with Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit (upgradable to Windows 10) and run any application that will run on a standard workstation in the business, even coping with the corporate security and anti-virus systems that choke lesser computers. Find more details on our Barcode-IT BLoG.

DLT-V8310 now available with Dual Core i5 Processor

Other DLT-V8310 features include:

  • Choice of two process architectures:
    Intel Core i5 or Intel Atom processors
  • Newest operating systems such as Windows 8.1, 7 Embedded, Win 7 Professional, WES 2009


  • Available with 5, 9 or 26 front keys


  • Colour TFT in either 10, 12 and 15 inches


  • The vehicle terminals can be started and shut down via the ignition; the new terminals can be connected to the vehicle’s electronics via CAN interface


  • Extremely breakage and abrasion-resistant touchscreens in two versions:
    Resistive Touch with 5 or 26 front keys, available with heating function* (defroster)
    Capacitive Multi-Touch (PCT) with 9 integrated front keys


  • Extremely rugged, IP 65 for entire system


  • Uninterruptible power supply* e.g. for vehicle battery replacement without shutting down the terminal


  • Wide-range power supply from 12/24/48 V; one power supply for different vehicles


  • Heater* for extremely cold and, at the same time, humid ambient conditions


  • WLAN* with integrated diversity antenna (optional) for reliable data transfer under difficult sending and receiving conditions


  • WWAN* (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA) for greatest flexibility regarding radio and wireless standards


  • Bluetooth* for wireless connection of scanner, printer, etc.


  • Numerous serial interfaces (USB, COM, serial I/Os)


  • Advantech-DLoG Voice Kit* (microphone/loudspeaker)


  • Extremely wide temperature range


  • Optimal mechanical protection against vibration and shocks


For more information or to book a demonstration of the DLoG DLT-V8310 or any other DLoG mobile computer, please contact us on 01200 441977.

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