Page 10 - GTIN Numbers
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Nicelabel – GS1                                             Understanding Global Trade Item Numbers

                                 The combined number of digits for company prefix and item
                    Tip #1       reference number will always be 11 digits for GTIN 12 and 12

                                 digits for GTIN 14, no matter how long the company prefix.

                                 If there is a GTIN 12 but a form requires a 14 digit space, you
                    Tip #2       can add two zeroes in front, which will not change your GTIN,

                                 but will make it readable in a database.

                   You can now proceed to creating barcodes for your labels.

                   You can refer to our The GS1 Handbook: How To Barcode

                   Your Product to learn how to select your barcodes, check
                   their quality and verify them.
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