Page 11 - GTIN Numbers
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Nicelabel – GS1                                             Understanding Global Trade Item Numbers

                   Assigning GTINs to all

                   packaging levels

                   GS1 provides two ways to create GTINs for all packaging levels.

                   1.  Using the indicator digit

                   Distinguish each level of packaging and group these levels by sharing the
                   same item reference number.

                       1.  Assign GTIN 12 for each unit

                       2.  Assign GTIN 14 for other packaging levels
                           You can give a sequential indicator digit to your packaging levels.
                           All of them will have same item reference number, but the check
                           digit will change because it is calculated from the preceding
                           numbers. Take note that zero is NOT an indicator digit, but you can

                           use it for your individual item level because it represents the lower
                           level of packaging.

                   2.  Using unique item reference

                   Distinguish each level of packaging with a unique item reference number

                       1.  Assign GTIN 12 to each packaging level and these may be shown
                           as 14 digits with two zeroes in the beginning.
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