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Nicelabel – GS1                                             Understanding Global Trade Item Numbers

                   All GTINs listed above are used for different purposes and require different
                   barcodes - It is important to note that GTIN-12 is predominantly used in

                   the US, while 13 is used in Europe. The type of items you plan to sell will
                   determine which GTIN you use.

                   After the first step of licensing a company prefix from GS1, you will create
                   unique GTINs for all of the items you want to sell. GTINs typically consist of
                   your company prefix, item reference number and a check digit. For GTIN-
                   14, you will also need to assign an application identifier.

                                 The length of company prefix may vary depending on your
                      Note       company needs provided to the GS1 organization. If your company
                                 prefix is five digits and you are creating a GTIN-12, your item
                                 reference number has to be six digits to complete to 11 digits,
                                 before adding in the check digit.

                   How to create an item reference


                   An item reference number is assigned by the brand owner. The combined
                   length of your UPC company prefix and item reference number should be
                   11 digits (for GTIN-12) and it is suggested to create sequential numbers,
                   not build another logic, such as assigning even numbers for blue shirts.

                   If you have small, medium and large sizes of a t-shirt for example, it is wise
                   to number them in order, eg 000001, 000002, 000003.
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