Page 7 - GTIN Numbers
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Nicelabel – GS1                                             Understanding Global Trade Item Numbers

                   GTIN is needed for all levels of trade items that are sold, ordered or
                   invoiced. This allows you to accurately ship, charge or store your

                   products, and your customers can accurately plan and purchase them.

                   Different GTINs are assigned to different product packaging levels, such
                   as individual items, packs, cases and pallets. This is called a Trade Item
                   Hierarchy and it focuses on assigning the right GTIN to each level of

                                             PACKAGING LEVELS



                                                           Inner pack


                   The individual item is intended for sale in stores or online (a tube of hand

                   Inner pack is usually not sold in stores or online and it contains a number
                   of individual items (a pack containing six hand creams).

                   Cases (eg containing multiple packs of hand creams) are also usually not
                   sold in stores or online and can hold either individual items and / or inner
                   packs. Case is the standard level for shipping.

                   Pallet is the largest packaging level, depending on the products and it is
                   the container for shipping. Usually intended for logistics and distribution
                   to warehouses.
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