Page 8 - GTIN Numbers
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Nicelabel – GS1                                             Understanding Global Trade Item Numbers

                   Creating a GTIN for

                   a product: GTIN-13

                   For products that are intended to sell at checkout (in stores or online),
                   GTIN-13 is the format you want to create, using the UPC Company Prefix
                   that is given along with your company prefix from the GS1.

                                      that GTIN-13 is used in Europe, and you will need to use
                     Take note
                                      GTIN-12 for US, by removing a digit.

                          Use your UPC company prefix that is given to you with the
                     1    company prefix.

                          Assign an item reference number, that becomes a 12-digit number
                          combined with your UPC company prefix.

                     3    Create a check digit, which is always the last digit of your GTIN.
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