Page 9 - GTIN Numbers
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Nicelabel – GS1                                             Understanding Global Trade Item Numbers

                   Creating GTINs for

                   cases and pallets:


                   For products that are not intended for sale at checkout, but represent
                   levels of packaging for shipping, use GTIN-14 and compose the identifier
                   the following way:

                           Assign the indicator digit found at the beginning of the GTIN-14
                           – this is not connected to GTIN-12. It relates to packaging levels
                           identified in the GTIN-14.
                           Indicator Digit Calculation: Indicators one to eight for items with

                           higher levels of packaging such as a case or pallet. Indicator nine is
                           for variable measure items, where case weight can vary (eg cheese

                     2     Use GS1 company prefix.

                           Item reference number is assigned by the brand owner. Combined
                     3     length of your UPC company prefix and item reference number

                           should be 11 digits and it is suggested you create sequential

                           numbers, not build another logic.

                           Check digit is always the last digit of GTIN - calculated from all
                           the other numbers in the GTIN and guarantees that the GTIN is
                           accurate. Use data driver to calculate the check digit from GS1
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