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Nicelabel – GS1                                                 STILL & SSCC: Labelling Logistic Units

                    Information                Applicator Identifier (AI)  Format         Data Title

                    *GTIN                      01                     n2 + n14            GTIN
                    *GTIN of trade items       02                     n2 + n14            CONTENT
                     containedin a logistic unit  always vith AI 37
                    Count of Trade Items       37
                    Contained in a Logistic Unit  always vith AI 02   n2 + n..8           COUNT

                    Batch number               10                     n2 + n..20          BATCH/LOT
                                                                                          BEST BEFORE
                    *Best Before date (YYMMDD)  15                    n2 + n6
                                                                                          or SELL BY
                    *Expiration Date (YYMMDD)  17                     n2 + n6             USE BY or EXPIRY

                    Product Variant            20                     n2 + n2             VARIANT

                   The optional label data included in the GS1-128 barcode includes a
                   number of different data types. Each data title is assigned an application
                   identifier by the GS1 data standard, and the data in the barcode is
                   separated by bracketed identifiers. The GTIN data, for example, is

                   preceded by (01).

                   For pallets where multiple trade items are present on the pallet, the
                   identifiers 37 and 02 are commonly used, as they identify the type of
                   product and the number of trade items present on the pallet. This lets the
                   consignee log receipt of the pallet without having to unpack and count
                   the quantity of received goods.
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