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A Consumer Product Good (CPG) does not

                      have a value unless it can move around the

                      supply chain and reach the final consumer.

                      This is why logistic service providers and

                      carriers are so important in managing

                      the internal and external goods flows

                      for retailers, manufacturers and material

                      suppliers. Trading partners are often faced

                      with different business processes and

                      identification solutions. And as a result,

                      different label formats.

                      The Standard International Logistic Label

                      (STILL) aims to replace confusing and

                      repetitive labelling with a standard data

                      structure, label design, and label placement

                      standard. It is used to establish best practice

                      in logistical unit labelling around the world,

                      and the only requirement is that each

                      logistic unit must be identified with a unique

                      serial number, or Serial Shipping Container

                      Code (SSCC).
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