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Nicelabel – GS1                                                 STILL & SSCC: Labelling Logistic Units

                   What are the benefits of using STILL?

                   Creating barcodes and labels may seem a never-ending process, and you
                   might wonder why one barcode isn’t enough to carry the information about
                   your product. You are right, but selling a product and shipping it to other
                   stakeholders in the supply chain are completely different things, and they
                   need to be distinctly labelled to guarantee the safety of your items. Here

                   are a few of the benefits of using the GS1 Logistic Label:

                           Unique worldwide identification for the logistic unit

                           Significant saving of time thanks to automatic data capture and

                          shipment checking

                           Faster, more precise and reliable information sent to the logistic
                          service client during receipt thanks to label scanning

                           Saving time and cost thanks to the elimination of labels
                          successively applied by each actor in the supply chain

                           Better information quality thanks to the removal of multiple
                          instances of data capture for the same information

                           Linkage with standard and international EDI messages thanks to
                          the information contained in the message

                           Full traceability all along the logistic chain thanks to compatibility
                          with ISO/IEC 15459 often referred to as the ‘ISO Licence Plate”
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