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Nicelabel – GS1                                                 STILL & SSCC: Labelling Logistic Units

                   When creating an SSCC, you can use your current GS1 company prefix,
                   and do not need a new one.

                                       With a 7-digit GS1 Company Prefix, you can assign
                     Fun Fact:        10 billion SSCCs (1-digit Extension Digit 9-digit Serial

                                      Reference). With a 9-digit GS1 Company Prefix, you can
                                      assign 100 million SSCCs (1-digit Extension Digit  7-digit
                                      Serial Reference). That’s a lot of shipments or logistics
                                      units that can be tracked!

                   The Applicator Identifer (00) indicates that the GS1 Application Identifer
                   data field an SSCC. When printed in a barcode the correct symbology is
                   GS1-128. It may also be encoded using an EPC tag.

                    Applica-  Exten-  GS Company Prefix                             Serial Reference  Check
                    tion     sion                                                                  Digit
                    Identifier  Digit
                    00       N1     N2 N3 N4   N5 N6 N7    N8 N9  N10 N11  N12 N13  N14 N15  N16 N17 N18

                                 SSCC is an 18-digit numerical number, including Check Digit. The
                      Note       combined lenght of the Extension Digit, GS1 Company Prefix, and

                                 Serial Reference will always total 17 digits.

                   APPLICATION IDENTIFIER (AI): AI 00 to indicate an SSCC

                   EXTENSION DIGIT: Used to increase the capacity of the Serial Reference
                   within the SSCC. It is assigned by the company that constructs the SSCC
                   and ranges from zero to nine.
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