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Nicelabel – GS1                                                 STILL & SSCC: Labelling Logistic Units

                   How does the SSCC

                   differ from GTIN?

                   Although SSCCs are distinctly different from GTINs, there can sometimes
                   be confusion between the two codes and confusion about when to use
                   which one. The major difference is that the SSCC acts as a license plate
                   to track a shipment of logistic units through the supply chain, while the
                   GTIN uniquely identifies trade items (products and services). The SSCC

                   is only used in the transportation, distribution or warehouse environment
                   and never at the point of sale. Any producer or supplier who wishes to
                   ship their items for sale in a different location to the original production
                   facility will need to use both codes.

                   Another commonly asked question is whether the GTIN should be
                   included in the SSCC, but the answer is ‘no’. GTIN information is included

                   in the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) that is sent to the receiver of the
                   product before shipment. The SSCC acts as a license plate number. That
                   number is linked to the ASN and provides access to the GTIN information.

                   Suppliers should apply an SSCC with any shipping container that could
                   be a case, carton, pallet, or air cargo container of trade items.
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