Page 9 - SSCC
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Nicelabel – GS1                                                 STILL & SSCC: Labelling Logistic Units

                   Creating a logistic label

                   Technical tips & best practices to

                   start with

                           GS1 specifies the minimum size of the barcode - the x factor -
                           must be at least 32mm in height.

                           You should put the SSCC at the bottom - it has to be the last

                           Make the label as wide as possible as it will be easier to scan.

                           It is also recommended to put human readable text in a big font.

                           If the barcode can’t be scanned, the information will need to be
                           entered by the operator.

                           Minimize or completely remove the company information.

                                 Use horizontal lines as in the example below to see if the
                                 print-head works properly. If the horizontal line is broken, it
                                 is probably an error on the print head and chances are that
                                 the barcode will not be encoded properly, which can delay
                                 product delivery.
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