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Heavy Duty Barcode Label Printers


Harsh, rugged environments require tough printers that won't let you down. At Barcode-IT we realise how important it is that production lines are not held up and workers are not wasting time trying to fix equipment, so we supply a range of the most rugged thermal printers around from manufacturers like Printronix, Sato and Zebra.


Choosing the correct printer for the application initially can help you save money in the long run on maintenance and poorly printed barcodes. With stories of huge fines imposed by customers who cannot read barcodes, can you afford not to carefully consider your investment?


Below are some of the printers we have tried and tested and recommend for their ability to print in rugged, industrial environments:


Sato CLNX Range

The new Sato NX series of thermal printers really do offer users everything they could want in a printer and more. Easy to operate, rugged and compatible with numerous legacy printer systems, the NX series of printers can be slotted into existing printer populations with zero change to the system. Available in both 4 inch (CL4NX) and 6 inch (CL6NX) media width options, the NX Series can be used for most labelling requirements. Printing at different resolutions is no longer an issue, as printheads are not only user changeable (they simply clip in) but you can choose between 203dpi, 305dpi and 609dpi* without the need to have multiple printers. Find out more [here].


Printronix T6000 Range

Replacing the Printronix T4M, the T6000 range from Printronix offers users high performance, industrial thermal barcode printing at an affordable price. Setting new benchmarks for speed, print quality, validation and reliability, the T6000 is engineered to increase true productivity and lowering compliance fees. Loaded with advanced features, validation technology, RFID capabilities and the most comprehensive emulation package available, the T6000 delivers supercharged performance for a wide array of applications. Find out more [here].


Printronix T8000 Range

Replacing the popular and super rugged T5000 range, the Printronix T8000 is the latest high-end thermal printer from Printronix, offering unmatched industrial performance and exceeding the requirements of even the most demanding mission critical manufacturing and distribution operations. Available in 3 different media widths; 4, 6 and 8 inches, and even more rugged and feature rich than the Printronix T5000 range, the T8000 offers users the ability to use Postscript/PDF thermal printing and supports the latest ERP systems, including Plug-n-Play with native SAP Drivers. Find out more [here].


Zebra ZT600

The next generation in the Xi series of industrial Zebra printers, the Zebra ZT600 combines rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform. Zebra industrial printers are well known for their  durability, fast-print speed, long life span and unparalleled reliability. The ZT610 (4 inch) and ZT620 (6 inch) build on that legacy, with the most advanced, comprehensive features sets of any Zebra stationary printer series. For further information take a look at our dedicated ZT600 page.



Need more advice on the right printer for your business needs? Call our consultants who will guide you in the right direction.


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