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Automatic Label Printing using NiceLabel Automation


Automatic label printing direct from your ERP or existing application. Quickly and easily create barcode label print jobs directly from your existing system. Accurate and consistent label printing, with no special development, printed directly to the label printer without operator intervention.

NiceLabel Automation is a server based software product that solves all automatic labelling problems, yet is easy to set up and designed to work with ANY modern or legacy ERP data system. No need to manually input data, reducing costly data entry errors by operators, NiceLabel Automation takes data directly from your business software and converts it to produce barcoded labels anywhere in your business and supports all types of labels and barcodes, including 2D.


Automation works alongside the NiceLabel Designer Products within the range, so you can design labels using the designer and then Automation will populate the labels automatically with data taken from your software solution to create accurate labels at any location.

There are 3 versions of Automation available to suite different project requirements; Automation Easy, Automation Pro and Automation Enterprise. Find detailed information on the different Automation products here.


Why do I need NiceLabel Automation?


Automation has a huge number of features and provides a solution to many complex label printing issues, but we find that many of our customers don't realise they need Automation until they begin to discuss their project requirements with us or need to find the answer to expensive labelling errors.


Some of the main features and benefits of Automation include:


Print Automatically from Weigh Scales, PLCs and Barcode Scanners

Connect label printers to production hardware with NiceLabel Automation Easy. Hardware devices can send data through RS232 or TCP/IP protocols, removing the need for manual data entry. Use a workflow event such as scanning a barcode or weighing a box to automatically initiate label printing.


Eliminate Human Error, Improve Efficiency and Data Accuracy

Connect your ERP, WMS, SCM, MES and PLM systems to your label printing infrastructure. Printing directly from applications eliminates the risk of human error caused by manual labeling processes.


Label Templates That Work Accross All Brands Of Printers

Business applications rely on label templates that contain a specific printer's command language or form designers built for laser printers. These label templates work, but impose many limitations, making it costly or impossible to achieve label compliance and brand consistency. This is especially significant across multiple makes of thermal printers.


Scalable At No Extra Cost

NiceLabel Automation Pro server license supports an unlimited number of printers. Unlike competitive offerings, no printer seat licensing makes it affordable for you to directly connect all of your printers to your applications.


Industry Leading Certification

As an elite Microsoft Gold certified partner, NiceLabel has the experience and technology to offer the best server-side printing solution. Enhance and maximize your printer performance by adding Microsoft certified native thermal printer support, for 2500+ models, to your Enterprise applications.


Deploy Rapidly and Scale Globally

Standard interfaces to mainstream and legacy systems eliminate the need for costly and time consuming custom programming. The high throughput print engine can simultaneously handle thousands of print requests to globally distributed printers.


For more information, please give us a call on 01200 441977 to discuss your specific requirements and find out if Automation is the solution for you.



A White Paper on NiceLabel Automation into ERP systems is available to download here : Automation_ERP_Integration


A full set of Video Tutorials on the use of NiceLabel Automation are available : HERE

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