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Verify Your Barcode Labels At The Point of Printing


Barcode Verification from Printronix


In today's fast past environment no-one wants production to be held up by poor quality barcodes that cannot be read or to be fined by customers for barcodes that do not scan. In response to this problem Printronix provide an Online Data Validation (ODV) System to check for "bad" barcodes so they don't go undetected, potentially costing you money.


Why do you need On-line Data Verification?

Barcode labels are often a vital link in the production cycle. Unreadable barcodes reduce efficiency which results in delayed response to market needs, non-compliance fines and lagging production lines. Online Data Verification (ODV) analyses each barcode to ensure it meets stringent verification standards.


ODV stops bad barcodes from getting into your production or distribution systems - without interruption. ODV's unique void-and-reprint technology allows the system to run unattended, minimising cost and allowing almost instantaneous ROI. The ODV system can be fully integrated with all Printronix printer technologies plus Printnet Enterprise, TN5250/3270, General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) module Manager.


Printronix back up the ODV by providing ODV Data Manager to fully automate barcode quality control in the barcode creation process. This solution captures and displays all barcode quality data to ensure enterprise wide remedies for error conditions and enables the storage of all barcode quality data in common database applications, such as Oracle and DB2. All this while ensuring barcodes are compliant and helping to eliminate compliance fines, internal reworks or charge backs.


Features of the ODV


  • Online Validation guarantees 100% inspection of barcodes and confirms basic PDF417 barcode integrity. (Code 39, CODBAR, interleaved 2 of 5, Code 93, Code128 and UPC/EAN plus add-ons)

  • Scan width from 4.5" to 8.5", X-Dimension (min) of 6.6 mil to 13 mil, minimum code height 13" to 20"


  • User selectable of Overstrike/Reprint, Overstrike or Stop with defect barcodes


  • Provides Print Run Report, with number of forms printed, number of bad forms and number of codes printed


  • Data Manager combined with ODV and PrintNet Enterprise fully captures and displays all barcode quality data by label and by barcode


  • Captures and displays detailed validation information and actual data within the barcode


  • Views all data online and stores it in a file or exports it to a database in real time


  • Places printers into fault conditions for either barcode quality or data failure


For more information on data verification and validation, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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