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PowerScan 8000 Series of rugged, industrial hand held scanners


Datalogic PowerScan Series


The PowerScan family of products from Datalogic are rugged, industrial scanners designed and constructed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. The PowerScan range covers all requirements for industrial applications; 1D and 2D decoding capability, laser or advanced imager, short and long distance and corded or cordless communication.


Operator comfort and productivity are essential in any scan intensive application. As a result the PowerScan is facilitated by the ergonomic handle and the well-balanced weight. The successful patented Datalogic "Green Spot" is a distinctive feature of the whole range: the green spot is bright and easily visible up to 80-90cm/ 2.6-3ft giving "good read" feedback to the user directly on the barcode.




Mobile computers on forklift trucks are common platforms for PowerScan readers, where the rugged design and excellent range make them perfect for the non-stop action of a busy warehouse.


The PowerScan is now available with a "liquid lense", which gives it the ability to refocus in milliseconds just like the human eye. This is a particularly useful feature within warehouses where operators need to scan barcodes at close range and far away using the same scanner. More information on the PowerScan 9500HP scanner can be found on our Blog.


PowerScan users can rely on fast, accurate barcode reading on "real life" barcodes. Different optics are available to allow the reading of barcodes from low to very high resolution, from close to far away distances, auto-discriminating all 1D or 2D symbologies. In industrial barcode environments, barcodes are often "ugly", poorly printed, damaged, scratched or smudged. The PowerScan reader's superior performance is enhanced by the patented Puzzle Solver Technology™ to allow fast and accurate reading of standard, poorly printed and damaged codes.



The rugged mechanic design of the PowerScan reader has been developed and tested to withstand extreme shock conditions (up to fifty drops from 2m / 6.5ft) as well as normal drops (thousands of 30-50cm / 12-20 inch drops), without affecting reading performance or accuracy. The PowerScan reader has a protection rating of IP65 (IP64 for the mobile models with display), meaning it is totally protected against dust and water sprayed with pressure from all directions. This assures reliability and durability even in extremely harsh conditions.


For more information on the amazing PowerScan series, contact us on 01200 441977.

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