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Printing Barcode Labels from SAP


Producing barcoded labels using data stored in SAP couldn't be simpler when using printing solutions from Barcode-IT. Our combination of intelligent barcode design software, high quality thermal printers and years of experience integrating with SAP, means that achieving accurately printed barcode labels is simply a phone call away.


Our customers quickly see the benefits once they have integrated label printing with SAP, including improved accuracy in information displayed on labels, higher customer satisfaction and increased efficiency and productivity. The process of moving to this kind of solution couldn't be easier.


Our software integrates into your SAP system through a certified connector and triggers printing, ensuring that all data is correct and is not duplicated. From the operator's point of view, label printing couldn't be easier as they either simply press print or the system can be configured to print automatically. Read our blog post on printing complex barcodes from SAP S4/HANA [here] for more information.





  • Eliminate mistakes caused through human error - as data is taken directly from SAP there is no need for manual inputting of data.


  • Seamless integration means that you don't need to change your business processes, retrain users or implement new transactions.


  • Eliminate the need for third party assistance; reducing costs and improving response times for producing new labels, label amendments and complying with customer requests. Produce new label templates in minutes, not days!


  • No coding required - the software integrates with SAP script, Smart Forms, Interactive Forms and ABAP Reports to avoid the need for complex coding and software programming.


  • Instant deployment to all new printers - over 2500 different printer makes and models are supported by our software and can be added to the system in minutes.


  • Multiple labels can be produced from a single transaction, freeing up operators and increasing productivity.


  • Powerful business rules give flexibility - produce bespoke label designs to comply with varying customer specific requests and regulations.



We recommend the following printers to facilitate barcode label printing from SAP


Printronix T8000 range

Zebra ZT600 Range

Heavy Industrial

Printronix T8000

Heavy Industrial 24/7


Industrial and Retail.

Printronix M4L2




To discuss printing labels directly from your SAP solution, contact Sales on 01200 441977 for more details and a quotation.

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