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SAP Mobile Handheld Computers


Barcode-IT provide a full range of hand held terminals and mobile computers, to power SAP operations throughout the WorkSpace. We supply barcode scanning devices from industry giants, including Zebra, Datalogic and ProGlove.


The mobile computers are connected in "real-time" to SAP and allow the operator to complete the transaction directly into SAP without leaving his location in the business.  Mobile computers are fitted with powerful barcode scanners to allow data to be effortlessly and 100% accurately input into SAP by scanning product, pallet and location barcodes.  There is no middleware (translation software) required as the terminal uses an SAP mobile screen utility or SAP approved APP to guide the operator through a series of menu driven transactions at all times providing information from SAP itself and returning operator inputs directly back into SAP.


Barcode-IT have developed the expertise to help you make an informed choice about the right mobile computers for your business and budget, based on usage, application and environment.


Below are some of the units we recommend for SAP Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics:


Zebra MC9300

Zebra MC9300

Industrial Mobile





Zebra MC3300

Industrial Mobile




Zebra TC8300

Industrial Mobile



Zebra TC72/TC77

Mobile PDA Computer



ProGlove Mark 2

Wearable Scanner



The need to have clear and up-to-date information presented directly to the worker on the shopfloor or distribution centre has never been greater. All companies are trying to shorten lead times, reduce stock holding, improve transaction speeds and prevent mistakes. Incorrect shipping of goods to customers is the biggest problem in high speed manufacturing and distribution businesses. When the full cost of mis-shipping , re-shipping, recovering the original goods and re-stocking is calculated, many managers are shocked. On top of these financial costs there is the loss of customer faith and satisfaction, which cannot be measured.


Barcode-IT have the experience to help you match the right terminals to your operation and ensure that the WiFi network is optimal for total coverage and instantaneous response. Our integration experience includes all aspects of the integration of mobile and WiFi devices into SAP and how to get the best performance from barcode labels and locations.


To ensure your mobile devices add as much value as possible to your operation, we work with SAP logistics specialists to improve the functionality of your supply chain operations. Specially written SAP Apps are available that allow standard SAP transactions to be deployed with great speed compared to developing Mobile Transactions from scratch.  Implementation times vary, but a 12 week schedule is not uncommon.


For more information on the devices we recommend or to arrange a demonstration or loan, please contact us on 01200 441977.

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