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Success Stories - Food and Beverage Manufacturer


When providing outsourced services to blue chip companies, it is imperative to ensure that pallets being shipped are labelled correctly following production. Incorrectly labelled pallets can incur large fines and cause huge problems, so when our customer created a new, bespoke production line for one high profile client in Summer this year, incorrect labelling was something they were obviously keen to avoid.


In order to do this a combination of sophisticated label printing software and fixed position scanners were required to provide a foolproof solution. However, as the pallets are not all uniform due to varying carton sizes, the scanner needed to be capable of scanning at different heights whilst the pallet moves along the conveyor and through layers of shrinkwrap, so that the pallet label can be correctly produced.

Barcode-IT recommended Datalogic DS8100A fixed position scanners alongside NiceLabel Automation software to automate the printing process. The DS8100A scanner reads the outer packaging code to identify product and destination details. This information is passed to NiceLabel, which automatically consults a database and produces a pre-designed label containing details of the product and destination. As there is no manual entry of the data or identification of the product, the likelihood of mis-labelling is significantly reduced and the automated system can easily keep up with the fast moving pallets on the conveyor.


The production line went live following the new brand launch and the labelling solution is exceeding expectations. Product is being identified by the Datalogic DS8100A and information fed through NiceLabel Automation in order to print an accurate barcode label for forward shipping. The company are very pleased with the results and the new product range is being distributed effectively around the UK and mainland Europe.


Application Overview

Cartons of product are stacked on pallets by a sophisticated robotic arm and shrink wrapped together. The pallet then moves along a conveyor and the Datalogic DS8100A fixed position scanner reads the outer packaging code, all done whilst the pallet is moving and through several layers of shrink wrap. The Datalogic DS8100A is ideal for this project as it has been proven to scan through a massive 7 layers of shrink wrap and is capable of scanning in the most demanding of environments.


With no operator interaction, NiceLabel Automation uses the pallets outer packaging code to consult a database of information containing product and shipping location details and produce a label. Print and apply machines then print 3 copies of the label and apply it to 3 different faces of the pallet, so that the label can be easily scanned during shipping, regardless of how the pallets are stacked. Pallet labels contain details of the product within the pallet and the destination of the pallet, as product is shipped throughout Europe and the product packaging shows different languages, etc. for different countries.


How it started

The company outsource production for numerous blue chip companies and it was this type of project that prompted them to contact Barcode-IT. Having already used previous versions of NiceLabel software, they knew its benefits and capabilities and coupled with the expertise in data capture applications that Barcode-IT showed, they were happy to move forward with the project.

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