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Success Stories - Caledonian Bottlers


Caledonian Bottlers, an SHS Group company, came to Barcode-IT in 2010 looking for a reliable pallet scanning and tracking solution that would replace their existing manual system and communicate effectively with SAP. Following a presentation by Barcode-IT, the benefits and flexibility of Dexterity WMS for SAP became apparent and was chosen over competitor solutions.


Although Caledonian Bottlers were originally looking for a pallet scanning and tracking solution, after seeing the capabilities of Dexterity WMS, their brief expanded to include more elements of a comprehensive warehouse management system, for example real-time production reporting, stock visibility, putaway, picking, etc. Previous implementation of successful Dexterity WMS for SAP projects meant that Barcode-IT had the SAP interfacing experience that was necessary to complete the solution.


"The project was carried out in a very professional manner with both the Barcode IT team and the in house teams creating a very good understanding from the start. All our requirements were met and the Barcode IT team were most helpful when the scope of the project was in development stage." says Martin Meldrum, General Manager at Caledonian Bottlers. "Go live happened on time in January 2011 and was a seamless transition, which Caledonian Bottlers and its partners are now seeing the benefits of."

Caledonian Bottlers

Dexterity WMS went live at Caledonian Bottlers in January 2011. Since go-live, Caledonian have reported that the Dexterity solution instantly met 99% of business requirements, primarily due to the software being coded to their exact specifications. Caledonian have been very impressed by the communication between the Barcode-IT and in-house teams, which has helped achieve a very smooth transition and program go-live. Additionally, the hardware supplied meets all requirements and is robust, easy to use and, as a result of the full site survey carried out by Barcode-IT, gives excellent site coverage.


Application Overview

Dexterity WMS from Barcode-IT communicates with SAP, allowing orders to be input into SAP and sent straight through to Dexterity for processing. At this point production orders can be allocated to different stations, to enable efficient running of the plant.


Once the product is manufactured and bottled, it is put onto pallets and labelled with SSCC shipping labels produced on the Zebra printers. These labels incorporate a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), which is used throughout the world to identify and track individual pallets. The SSCC pallet label is a requirement for most organisations who use pallets, particularly in the food and drinks industry. It provides a unique number for every pallet with detailed information regarding the contents, weight, best before date, etc. SSCC compliance is often mandatory for deliveries into large supermarkets and wholesalers and is made simple and flexible using Dexterity WMS software.


The pallets are then scanned into Dexterity, using the barcode containing the SSCC and a Dex-K1 mobile terminal, and can at that point either be sent to dispatch or put away into the warehouse. As Dexterity is a fully comprehensive warehouse management solution, the software and accompanying hardware can be used to facilitate stock movements, stock takes, picking and dispatch. Additionally, WMS documentation can easily be produced, like dispatch notes, picking notes, etc. and e-mails are produced by Dexterity requesting duty documentation to accompany deliveries.


As Dexterity is effectively a standalone solution, the software is capable of accepting and processing orders from both their SAP enabled company, Beverage Brands, and also third party customers, which was a key requirement for Caledonian Bottlers. Dexterity is able to recognise and distinguish between these orders, so that they are managed efficiently and correctly.


How it started

Caledonian Bottlers came across Barcode-IT through an internet search in May 2010, whilst looking for pallet scanning/tracking solutions to link with their SAP ERP system and sent through a request for information. Following consideration of competitor offerings, detailed meetings and a site survey, Caledonian chose Barcode-IT to provide the Dexterity WMS software and hardware required to complete their project.


Caledonian Bottlers, an SHS Group company, is Beverage Brands primary manufacturing facility and supplies third party contracts to retailers and major brand owners for both glass and PET. Based in Ayrshire, Scotland since 1995, Caledonian Bottlers manufacture and bottle brands like WKD, a leading bottled alcoholic beverage.


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