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In 2009 following rapid growth in business leading to the expansion of its warehousing facility, Comline realised it was essential to maximise its operating efficiency. After the implementation of Dexterity WMS in 2011, pick accuracy has increased to around 99.5% and the improvements in efficiency have ensured that doubling their warehouse capacity from 50,000 to 98,000 sqft has been trouble free.


In 2009, operating within the warehouse at Comline was time consuming and inefficient as the system was based entirely on hand written notes and remembered locations. Following the acquisition of a second warehouse space, the decision was made to move to an computerised warehouse management system to help reduce errors in picking and improve the speed at which the warehouse operated.


Comline use a proprietary ERP system to run their business but required a additional Warehouse Management element, as the ERP system's warehouse  management capabilities did not offer a workable solution. Following research into their various options, Comline chose Dexterity WMS from Barcode-IT to facilitate fluid movement throughout their warehouses and improve efficiency.


"Dexterity WMS offered the best fit for our company out of all the competitor offerings we evaluated. The solution offered by Barcode-IT was flexible and competitively priced and could integrate seamlessly with our ERP system, which is bespoke to our industry." says Nick Weir - UK Sales and Marketing Manager at Comline.

Following the implementation of Dexterity WMS in 2011, the benefits of the new system have exceeded expectations. Comline have seen drastic reductions in the number of short/over/incorrectly picked orders - giving pick accuracy of 99.5%. They now have full traceability of pallets in the warehouse and no longer need to rectify incorrectly picked orders, making the warehouse much more efficient. The warehouse is now so efficient that Comline staff are now able to unload an inbound container in just 20 minutes, instead of the 3 hours it took previously.


"We run a 24 hour warehouse operation. With Dexterity WMS we can pick at a much faster rate - it's as if we have extra staff! " continues Nick Weir. "The cost savings involved and the increased speed and accuracy mean that the Return On Investment on the system has been fantastic."


Customers of Comline are also much happier. Not only do they now get exactly what they ordered, but thanks to Dexterity WMS, customers who place large orders containing numerous pallets get a fully itemised list of the contents of each pallet. Previously staff members had to create this list in an Excel spreadsheet to send to the customers, taking time and often introducing mistakes.


Application Overview

The Comline ERP sends order information to Dexterity and a pick note is produced. The warehouse operative barcode scans the picknote with his Dex-S1 gun and is guided to the correct locations within the warehouse to pick the items that fulfil the order, scanning each item as he goes.


Once order picking is complete, a packing note is produced detailing the different lines of the order using the Zebra mobile QL420 printers, which is double checked against the contents of the pallet or box at the packing stage, as a further error reducing measure.


Information is then sent back from Dexterity WMS to the ERP, which produces an invoice for the customer. Additionally, Dexterity sends shipping information to the company's Fedex WorldShip Carrier Software, which uses the data to produce the consignment label. Receiving information directly from Dexterity reduces the risk of incorrect information on the carrier label from human error and is a part of the Dexterity Carrier Integration software module.


How it started

Following the acquisition of an additional 48,000 sqft of warehouse space over the last 3 years, Comline needed to replace their paper warehouse management system with a more efficient computerised one. After finding Barcode-IT via the internet, Comline chose DexterityWMS to integrate with their existing MAMsoft ERP system, to create an accurate and efficient warehouse solution.



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