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Endon Lighting


Success Story - Endon Lighting


Following the success of the initial implementation of Dexterity WMS for Sage 200 at Endon Lighting, they have continued to make improvements to their supply chain procedure. The latest addition to Dexterity WMS is an Advanced Order Management module and the ability to link Dexterity with their Fed-Ex shipping procedure, to increase efficiency and smooth workflow to an even higher degree.


It was success at Endon Lighting that led to the introduction of Dexterity Warehouse Management (WMS), as the volume of orders became too high for the warehouse staff to deal with accurately. With the introduction of Sage 200 the Directors wanted to introduce picking, packing and dispatch using barcodes and found Dexterity WMS from Barcode-IT in the Sage Additions Guide.


Before Dexterity was installed the warehouse was unable to complete and dispatch all customer orders in the same day, but today everything leaves within 24 hours, with near perfect pick accuracy.


"Dexterity has allowed us to refine our stock profile, without compromising our customer service." says Trevor Bloomfield, Logistics Manager at Endon. "We now always have the right products ready to ship without over stocking, which was previously a major problem. Before Dexterity we re-checked all picked orders before dispatch, but now accuracy is so high we pick and directly dispatch to the customer, which saves time and man power."

Endon Lighting

The addition of the Dexterity WMS Advanced Order Management (AOM) module improves the efficiency of the warehouse further, as it allows specific rules to be applied to the order picking process to smooth workflow, minimise travel distances for pickers and optimise picking for regular customers.


Ian MacDonald, IT Manager at Endon, sums up the benefits of the AOM  module as "No panics. No dramas. Just smooth workflow."


To add a final touch of finesse to the dispatch process, Dexterity WMS has been integrated with Endon's Fed-Ex shipping process. This means that customer delivery information does not need to be manually input into Fed-Ex, as the correct details are electronically provided into the Fed-Ex dispatch system by Dexterity, guarenteeing accurate address details every time. For more information on Carrier Integration click [here].


Application Overview

Dexterity provided by Barcode-IT links directly into Sage 200. Supplier and customer orders are all collected from Sage 200 without the need for user intervention. This means that when goods are received in the warehouse they can be quality checked or put away immediately. Once put away Sage 200 is updated and the product is available for despatch.


Customer orders are entered into Sage and the information is passed directly into Dexterity Warehouse management for picking and eventual despatch. The warehouse manager uses the Order Management Screen tool to check that stock levels are sufficient enough for orders to be fulfilled and releases the order for picking to an available operator.  

Once orders are passed to the pickers, they are guided by the Dexterity to the various pick locations necessary to fulfil the order using Wireless mobile terminals. At each location the picker scans the warehouse location barcode and the product barcode to ensure that the right item is picked.

“Dexterity WMS has proved an invaluable investment, providing flexibility and efficiencies in our warehousing operation. The staff at Barcode-IT have always shown themselves to be dedicated to providing excellent service and we are delighted at the results they have achieved.” Chris Dodd, Finance Director at Endon Lighting


Endon Lighting use Advanced Order Management to control an order cut-off time for customers, which helps guarentee next day delivery. Orders are consolidated and grouped for each customer, and are picked and dispatched together to a single address.


With a defined cut off time, any orders placed before the cut-off are automatically consolidated and picked in a single run for dispatch that day. Orders placed after the cut-off are held over until the next shift. However, managers can override the standard rule and move urgent orders to immediate pick if required, offering flexibility within the system.


In addition, the AOM can prioritise and allocate customer orders to specific pickers or spread picking across multiple pickers for urgent or time critical orders. This gives the manager as much control as he wants, but does not require constant attention.


How It Started

Endon had been investigating how to improve warehouse performance using barcodes and saw Barcode-IT offering Dexterity Warehouse Management for Sage 200 in the Sage Additions Guide. After initial contact Barcode-IT recommended Dexterity WMS using a barcode driven WiFi solution and mobile terminals.


Endon Lighting Ltd was founded in 1949 and the story goes that the founder Mr Sandberg, began selling light bulbs from a wheelbarrow on Leeds market. Now Endon Lighting is part of a Group which is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of domestic lighting with a turnover in excess of £100m. Endon Lighting supplies interior and exterior domestics lights to specialist lighting retailers across the UK.


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