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Success Stories - Graham & Brown


Many companies have a policy of refreshing their hardware at set intervals, in order to avoid drops in productivity due to ageing or failing equipment. Graham & Brown, based in Blackburn, Lancashire, saw their latest hardware refresh as a great opportunity to future-proof their operation by moving from a Windows to an Android operating system. Discussing their requirements with long-term partner, Barcode-IT, Graham & Brown were shown a range of devices suitable for their requirements. Comprehensive after care from Barcode-IT, ensured that any challenges with the migration to the new Android equipment were quickly rectified and meant that the move to Android devices was much easier than Graham & Brown had anticipated.


Watch the video below to see how easy moving to Android can be with the right advice and product recommendations:



"We have a policy of changing our equipment every 3 years and the previous scanners had started to fail, so we thought it was time to upgrade. Since refreshing the mobile devices our pick rates have increased, stock accuracy has improved and we've had an all-round improvement in productivity."

- Noel Fox, Shift Manager at Graham & Brown.


About Graham & Brown

First established in 1946 and based in Lancashire, Graham & Brown have grown to become a worldwide name, producing innovative and creative wallcoverings. Following significant growth over the past few decades through innovative products like "Paste The Wall", expansion into countries like Germany, France, Russia and China, plus an increase in their eCommerce activity, Graham & Brown continue to go from strength to strength.


For more information on how Barcode-IT could provide an Android based scanning solution for your business, contact us on 01200 441977 for details.


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