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Success Stories - Harrison Spinks


During the last decade Harrison Spinks has grown significantly to become one of the UK's premier manufacturers of luxury beds. Harrison Spinks have been a customer of Barcode-IT since 2007 and as their business has grown and developed, so has their requirement for IT solutions to help them increase traceability from the end of manufacturing to despatch. To ensure that they make the right choices for their business needs, Barcode-IT offer them advice on purchasing the right equipment for their changing needs.


The data capture requirements of Harrison Spinks are relatively simple, something many manufacturers will identify with:


"Does it connect to WiFi? Does it display a browser? Is it rugged enough?"


After testing, Datalogic handheld WiFi terminals and Zebra thermal printers were chosen to allow Harrison Spinks to track product throughout the manufacturing and shipping process. Currently data capture requirements only cover finished goods, but in the future this may extend to tracking work in progress and components, as they supply to external organisations, as well as internally.

“With Barcode-IT, we know we are working with a partner who will take our requirements on board and work with us to provide a best-fit solution. Alongside robustness, this flexibility has really been the key to the systems longevity within the business.”


Dan Ambler, IT Project Co-ordinator at Harrison Spinks.


As a family run business, Harrison Spinks don't have a scheduled hardware refresh, instead choosing to replace data capture equipment when the need arises. As a result Harrison Spinks currently use 4 different types of Datalogic handheld terminal within their manufacturing facility; the Datalogic Kyman, Datalogic Skorpio, Datalogic Skorpio X3 and Datalogic Falcon X3. All 4 types of terminal run on the same platform without issue - the varying models are simply due to replacements and operator preference. As a new need or requirement has been identified, Barcode-IT have responded with advice on the latest data capture technology available, to ensure that all needs are met.


One of the biggest challenges Harrison Spinks have faced whilst implementing a data capture solution has been ensuring unbroken wireless coverage, so that their handheld terminals do not drop out of range. The warehouse within the manufacturing facility is split into multiple sections and this combined with a low ceiling can cause issues with WiFi connectivity. However, following an additional site survey carried out by Barcode-IT last year after the expansion of the warehouse, additional access points have been installed and positioned so that coverage has been vastly improved.


The Growth of Harrison Spinks

In order to expand their business and create a USP, Harrison Spinks chose to respond to market requirements for ethically and environmentally friendly methods of sourcing materials. As Harrison Spinks manufacture luxury mattresses, it is important that materials used are of the highest quality. To do this cost effectively and to be assured of quality, Harrison Spinks brought many aspects of their supply chain in house. They purchased a 300-acre farm on which they now rear sheep and grow hemp, to provide the highest quality wool/hemp mix for their mattresses. Recently they purchased an area of woodland in North Yorkshire, which will provide pine to form the divans and headboards they manufacture. The wire used in the springs is made the correct gauge and coiled onsite, then put into the pockets to make the patented pocket-sprung mattresses.


This pocket-spring technology has allowed Harrison Spinks to diversify into additional markets, including producing cot mattresses and supplying their springs for use in car seats to the automotive industry.


For more information on Harrison Spinks and associated brands visits www.harrisonspinks.co.uk


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