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Success Stories - Ovalworld


Ovalworld, a third party logistics provider (3PL) to the wallcoverings industry, came to Barcode-IT looking for a warehouse management solution to integrate with their largest customer's Sage system. Ovalworld were facing increasing pressure from it's customers to use an automated system instead of their manual, paper based system and chose Dexterity WMS for 3PL from Barcode-IT in order to optimise their warehouse productivity, retain the business of their largest customer and offer improved services to new customers.

Since the installation of Dexterity WMS in January 2013, the benefits of the system have been observed by both Ovalworld and their customers. Increased transparency within the logistics process between the companies has resulted in full traceability within the system and any discrepancies between the stock at Ovalworld and the customer's system can now easily be rectified and remedied - particularly important during the bi-annual stock take.


Ovalworld has made significant savings by reducing man hours for stock management, as the process is now fully automated, enabling them to free up workers for picking and shipping and increasing the number of orders despatched per day. Warehouse staff at Ovalworld are very enthusiastic about Dexterity, as the simplicity of the picking/shipping routines, enables them to work faster and more efficiently without the stress that errors can bring.


“The decision to implement a warehouse management system was initially at the request of a customer, but now it's installed we are finding benefits for Ovalworld that we hadn't anticipated. Dexterity WMS is allowing us to grow our business in a variety of ways; we are winning new business and we have been able to take on the whole 3PL business from our largest customer, as previously we only had part of the total business.” says Martin Short, Managing Director at Ovalworld.


3rd Party Logistics is a complex business which involves multiple parties and customised warehouse management rules. Barcode-IT gave Ovalworld and their customers the Warehouse Management System that fitted all of their current needs while offering flexibility for future growth or changes in the business.


Application Overview

Dexterity WMS for 3PL is designed to work as the interface between the owner of the goods in the 3rd party warehouse and the process of picking and shipping the goods to the end user.  New orders are received from Ovalworld's customers via an electronic interface and the

orders can then be automatically picked and despatched, using barcodes and without errors.


All 3PL operators accumulate revenue from customers by storing, handling and shipping goods held on their behalf. Dexterity helps track these charges by keeping an exact tally of the stock and the chargeable transactions and movements, for each different customer.  This allows Dexterity to provide detailed reports, so that Ovalworld can accurately charge their customers and just as importantly show a complete history of transactions should queries arise.


At Ovalworld goods are mainly stored as pallets but some customers can require box and individual items to be picked and despatched as well.  Dexterity manages all of this, directing workers to the correct picking location for whatever the order demands; pallet, box or item. This flexibility allows Ovalworld to provide a range of 3PL services for different customer requirements that other 3PL warehouse systems lack. 


An important part of Dexterity WMS for Ovalworld and their customers is the Pre-Pick function. Orders coming in from customers cannot always be fulfilled entirely from Ovalworld stock and so, using a JIT (Just In Time) system, their customer express ships the remaining items to Ovalworld. Previously, Ovalworld had to delay starting to pick the order until the additional products has arrived, but with the Pre-Pick function from Dexterity, picking can commence on stock items as soon as the order is received and then be finished the next day once stock has arrived. This helps to evenly distribute workflow across the week and avoids overstretching staff or delaying orders due to extremely busy days..


A powerful Container Management Module in provided by Dexterity to allocate stock to orders from container shipments. Goods received in the containers are scanned into the system and automatically allocated to the correct orders. More information on this function can be found [here].


How it started

Ovalworld contacted Barcode-IT in August 2011 looking for a warehouse management solution to integrate with their customer's Sage ERP system. After considering other WMS solutions, Ovalworld chose Dexterity for its flexibility and the fact that the software was not leased, which kept costs down. The fact that Barcode-IT were local to Ovalworld was another important factor, as it meant that any issues could be swiftly tended to and as a smaller company, Barcode-IT offer a more personal service.


Ovalworld are a family run 3PL for the wallcoverings industry and have been trading for 30 years. Currently enjoying a period of expansion, Ovalworld store and distribute wallcoverings from Muriva, Arthouse, etc. as well as operating their own online wallcoverings store. The Lancashire based company currently operate two sites in the Blackburn area and offer a range of 3PL and storage options to its customers.


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