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From humble beginnings ten years ago, Vufold has grown to become one of the premier suppliers of hard wood folding, sliding doors in the UK. This has lead to Vufold becoming a key supplier to major trade customers, as well as selling directly to home owners and it is this surge in retail business that in 2010 demanded a major investment in Sage 200 and Dexterity WMS. This investment has transformed the warehouse and improved efficiency throughout the company.


Prior to investing in Dexterity for Sage 200, Vufold's stock was managed on up to 30 spreadsheets, which was tedious and difficult to control. But following the Dexterity installation the whole process is now running much more smoothly. Previously the warehouse staff spent a lot of time searching for items which could not be found, but following the introduction of Dexterity order processing and picking times have fallen by 30%.


“When the retail side of the business took off, we knew we had to work smarter throughout the business. Dexterity WMS has proven to be the right solution to revolutionise our warehouse, so that we now know what we have and where it is - it's like having extra employees in the warehouse. says Rick Collins, Operations Manager at Vufold Ltd. www.vufold.co.uk


Since the Dexterity WMS was installed, the warehouse team have gone through a steep learning curve, but the four man team have now learned to trust the system and rely on it to provide accurate information on the location of every item in the warehouse.  Many of the Vufold orders are complex, containing dozens of items large and small, but Dexterity unerringly directs the team to the precise location.


Application Overview

Dexterity for Sage 200 is used to automate receiving, stock replenishment, stocktaking and order picking in the Vufold warehouse. Orders are entered directly into Sage 200, and automatically received into Dexterity when the user completes the order. The order is instantly visible to the warehouse manager on the Dexterity Order Management Screen, colour coded with its status, ready to pick, awaiting stock, etc. 


At Vufold, many order are made up of kits of items and Dexterity manages all aspects of the kitting and bill of materials, even to the point of un-kitting if orders are cancelled. Kitting is vital at Vufold as many order are built up out of identical sub units. Dexterity hold full detail of each kit and alerts the manager is there is likely to be a shortage.


The four man warehouse team use Dex-S1 handheld mobile terminals to communicate with the Dexterity server in real time using WiFi, based on a number of Cisco access point located throughout the warehouse. Real time communication means that all warehouse functions are guided by Dexterity, reducing errors and minimising the time to complete each task. Dispatch labels are printed using a Datamax M-Class printer, which pulls data directly from the Dexterity server, ensuring correct labelling every time.


Other Sage 200 3rd party add-ons merely automate existing Sage 200 functions and that is fine for many users.  But for the busy warehouse that receives and ships goods on pallets, needs to manage batch numbers, has complex stock rules or special customer requirements, only Dexterity has the full Warehouse tool-set to meet the challenge.


How it started

After choosing Sage 200 from Datel, Sage's largest UK partner, Vufold could not find a Sage 200 warehouse add-on that met their requirements. So Rick Collins, Operations Manager at Vufold, searched the internet and found Dexterity WMS for Sage 200. He read some Sage 200 customer success stories and contacted Barcode-IT and following a presentation to Vufold, Rick decided to recommend that The Directors of Vufold buy Dexterity WMS. Following the successful Dexterity installation, Datel invited Barcode-IT to become a partner and Dexterity is now featured on the Datel website.


Vufold is a JCI company and has been supplying premium quality hardwood folding, sliding doors for ten years. It is a family company that supplies both the trade and home owners directly. Vufold offers a range of folding sliding doors that are responsibly sourced using only slow-grown hardwood and oak. www.vufold.co.uk


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