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Thin and Zero Clients For The Automotive Industry


The pressure of competition, tight IT budgets and the specific needs of production and warehouse environments are the key requirements for IT systems in the automotive, automotive supply and production industry. There is a great need for solutions that improve processes, cut costs and increase earnings, which has led to interest in cloud and server-based computing (SBC) as well as application and desktop virtualisation with thin and zero clients.


What are Thin Clients?

Thin clients are a reliable, cost efficient and energy saving alternative to PCs. They increase data security and compliance with laws and regulations like HIPAA as sensitive data is not stored locally and the use of USB-ports can be managed remotely by the administrator. Thin clients come without fans or rotating hard drives therefore they are much more reliable than PCs and increase the overall availability of IT. The low energy consumption helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.


Together with an efficient remote administration of all local thin client settings they offer a fast return on investment. The introduction and roll out of Cloud Computing or virtual desktops or classis server-based computing becomes economically favourable when cost efficient thin clients replace PCs. The  Total Cost of Ownership / TCO of the IT infrastructure is decreased sustainably.



IGEL Technology is one of the world's leading thin client vendors, Europe’s No. 1 in linux based thin clients and UKs fastest growing thin client brand. They work with some of Europe's leading automotive manufacturers to provide robust think client solutions. - www.igel.com






Making It Work In Your Business

IGEL Technology provide thin and zero clients that aim to improve productivity, quality and service and cut costs by using tailored IT systems. As a vehicle for these thin and zero clients, IGEL have started to recommend DLoG MTC6 mobile computers due to their robust, durable construction, which allows them to be used efficiently on the assembly line. DLoG have a proven track record of producing very rugged devices, that can be relied upon to continue to function reliably over long periods, even under adverse conditions - exactly matching the requirements of automotive production environments.


In co-operation with IGEL, DLoG has developed a unique version of the MTC6 computer, which uses the lean IGEL Linux operating system that can easily be installed using IGEL's Universal Desktop Convertor thin client software. The MTC can then be configured remotely using the Universal Management Suite (UMS), which is included with the device.



The benefits of using IGEL on a DLoG MTC 6 computer include:


  • Easy set-up within minutes for quick roll-outs - just "plus in and go"


  • Robust construction for use in industrial and production environments


  • Huge reduction in maintenance support costs due to straightforward, centralised remote administration


  • Extremely environmentally friendly: CO2 emissions and electricity consumption up to 77% lower than with regular PCs


  • No moving parts for greater reliability, longer service life and fewer failures, ensuring a reliable 27/4 operation



The IGEL solution is currently used by industry giant Scania, one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and buses. Scania have seen major improvements from using the IGEL UMS, including a reduction in the amount of time taken to install new clients of up to 75%.


"Thanks to the UMS' profiling function, I can now generate new hardware images very quickly and configure access to the applications. I was able to install 30 clients from scratch in just two hours - that was unthinkable before." - Toni Välikangas, WTS Technician at Scania InfoMate Sweden.


For more information on IGEL software and using the DLoG MTC 6 to run a thin or zero client, contact Nigel Holloway on 01200 441977.

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