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What will a Dexterity Warehouse Management System do for your business?


Benefits of a Dexterity WMSJustifying a warehouse management system to the business can be a hard task. At Barcode-IT we recognise this problem, so to help you make a decision and persuade others of the savings and benefits, we have highlighted some of Dexterity's key features and can arrange a visit to view a live Dexterity WMS site. This allows you and your colleagues to get a real feel for how Dexterity WMS will improve your business.


Dexterity WMS Benefits include:


Improved Warehouse Management - Inventory Records

Accurate, real-time inventory data and a complete audit trail of all inventory transactions, including  the order fulfillment process. This helps to reduce overall lead times and increases stock control accuracy.


Maximum Warehouse Efficiency

Dexterity WMS supports various order processing methods: wave and single order picking. Optimising the order picking process through system guidance minimises order ship times, customer returns and inventory, and maximises picking accuracy, customer satisfaction and throughput.


"We could not have contemplated moving to our new premises without a strong WMS in place. Dexterity WMS has really delivered on that score."  - Robert Cain, Managing Director at Bluesuntree.



Dexterity WMS works the way your warehouse people want it to work, not how some accountants think it should work.  Designed by warehouse people for warehouse people.



Goods receiving/putaway is one of the leading applications for real-time systems. These processes are recorded by the system, which means that goods are always put away in the correct location and traceable. Further traceability benefits include the identification of goods not ordered or incorrect deliveries, stock out occurrences are reduced and inventory status is immediately updated.



Along with traceability comes transparency. The stock control system allows the actions of operators to be monitored closely, ensuring that if a fault occurs the source can be found and corrected.



Dexterity allows managers to see the real-time state of the warehouse using Dexterity Dashboard, a powerful tool that gives a visual representation of all warehouse activities and allows managers to set up and monitor Key Performance Indicators.


"The Dexterity WMS solution was ideal to integrate with Sage 200 and Barcode-IT made our barcoding ideas into a reality. The WMS has allowed our operation to be much more efficient and picking accuracy is almost 100%. Staff literally can't pick the wrong items now!"    

      - Andy Johnson, Financial Controller at Kays Medical


Paperless Workplace

A real-time Warehouse Management System makes the concept of a paperless warehouse a reality. A paperless warehouse means a reduced amount on paperwork and clerical costs, improved efficiency of staff and more accurate documentation. Therefore fewer mistakes and fewer errors!


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Sales and marketing operations can also benefit from accurate real-time information. For fast moving environments, sales people with access to accurate current inventory levels can make better-informed decisions when committing to customer delivery schedules. This leads to improved confidence in delivery promises and therefore high customer satisfaction levels.

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