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Dexterity WMS for Sage


Dexterity Warehouse Management for Sage is a fully integrated warehouse management system for Sage users, which aims to streamline the warehouse and improve efficiency. Dexterity WMS is much more than a Sage Add-On. Sage Add-Ons often fail to deliver on their promise of a full warehouse management solution, however Dexterity has a real-time interface with Sage and uses barcode driven WiFi mobile terminals to communicate with warehouse workers, ensuring that all transactions are validated on-line and stock records are updated directly into Sage.



Dexterity is designed by people who really understand warehouse management and stock control. It does not use the Sage SQL database and so is not limited to standard Sage transactions. The core of Dexterity is based on fast, live transactions into a customised SQL database using WiFi connected barcode terminals.  Everything is live, so operators are guided to locations and the items to be picked. The system uses a rules based criteria to decided which products should be picked for an order, based on batch or serial number, best before date, customer specific requirements, as well as normal FiFo (first in, first out) rules.


Barcode-IT are fully accredited and certified Sage Developers and Sage Mid-Market Professional members. This enables our software team to integrate our Dexterity WMS solution with Sage without the need for additional third party software development.

Dexterity WMS is seamlessly integrated with Sage via Sage Business Objects (SBO) provided by Sage themselves. The seamless "live" integration allows purchase orders, sales orders and stock file data to be passed to Dexterity in electronic form, which in turn allows Dexterity to manage and automate all warehouse processes from good in to despatch.

Dexterity WMS customers report that in addition to huge improvements in stock and picking accuracy, the reliability of the inventory allows them to reduce overall stock levels and concentrate on their best selling products.

Much higher rates of operator efficiency
also speed up every part of the warehouse, as warehouse operatives are able to concentrate on today's tasks rather than trying to fix problems caused by yesterday's mistakes.


If you would like more information on how Dexterity WMS for Sage enhances warehouse activity in a real business, you can read a selection of our customer stories by clicking some of the logos below. Customers who will soon be or are already using Dexterity WMS for Sage include:





Barcode-IT have business relationships with many Sage Partners, who often recommend Dexterity WMS for Sage to their clients. These partners include:




To discuss the functionality of Dexterity WMS and whether it would be suitable for your business, contact our consultants on 01200 441977.

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