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Zebra DS3600 Ultra Rugged scanners - indestructable barcode scanners!


Zebra DS3600 Ultra Rugged Handheld Scanners



Just how rugged is the Zebra DS3600 Ultra-Rugged Series? When it comes to industrial strength, the 3600 Series offers the most indestructible design available today, with the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications for comparable devices. All scanners in this family offer an 8 ft./2.4 m drop specification that is 23% more durable than any other scanner in this class. These scanners continue to operate reliably, even after 5,000 tumbles! The corded and cordless models are the only scanners in this class that are dust-tight, sprayproof and waterproofed to IP67 and only the 3600 Series offers an IP65-sealed cradle for a complete rugged cordless solution.





Why does your business need Ultra Rugged Scanners?


  • Your workers can scan barcodes as fast as they can pull the trigger.


  • With 30 percent more working range, it’s easy to capture barcodes that are farther away.


  • Are barcodes under shrinkwrap? Damaged? Dirty? Poorly printed? No problem, this intelligent scanner can handle it all.



The Zebra DS3600 is available in a variety of models, to accomodate all industrial scanning needs, and all come in either corded or cordless versions. Find the right model for you below:




DS3608-SR / DS3678-SR

1D/2D Standard Range Scanning

Corded and Cordless Versions


Designed for near-range capture of 1D/2D barcodes, from near contact to nearly 5 ft./1.5 m.


Ideal for shipping and receiving on the loading

docks, small item pick and pack, plus manufacturing work-in-process




LI3608 / LI3678

1D Linear Imager

Corded and Cordless Versions


Designed for near range reading of 1D barcodes.



Ideal for shipping and receiving on the loading docks, small item pick and pack and manufacturing work-in-progress.


DS3608-HD / DS3678-HD

1D/2D High Density Barcodes

Corded and Cordless Versions


Designed to capture high-density 1D/2D barcodes - including tiny dense codes that are barely visible to the naked eye.


Ideal for protecting product quality on the electronics and medical equipment production line - ensures workers use the right components at the right time, every time.




DS3608-DP / DS3678-DP

1D/2D Direct Part Marks

Corded and Cordless Versions


Designed to capture virtually every type of direct part mark (DPM)and 1D/2D barcode.



Ideal for track and trace, maintenance, warranty service and product authentication on the industrial manufacturing production line.



DS3608-HP / DS3678-HP

1D/2D High Performance for Barcodes and more

Corded and Cordless Versions


Designed for mid-range reading of 1D/2D barcodes up to 40% farther than the DS3608-SR/DS3678-SR - up to 7.1ft/2.1m away - with the flexibility to capture photos, documents, signatures and OCR.


Ideal on loading docks for fast processing of incoming and outgoing shipments - from reading shipment labels for instant reconciliation to capturing signatures for proof of delivery and photos for proof of condition.




DS3608-ER / DS3678-ER

1D/2D Extended Range Scanning

Corded and Cordless Versions


Designed to capture standard and extra-wide 1D/2D barcodes over an industry-leading extraordinary range - 3inchs to 70ft - 35% farther and 60% closer than competitor models.


Ideal in warehouse and ports, where workers need to capture small to very wide barcodes on items at close range as well as items on upper warehouse shelves or stacked containers in a rail yard or port.



Contact us on 01200 441977 for a demonstration of the units and to discuss your requirements.



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