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Are your staff frustrated by data capture devices freezing during warehouse operations? Are they losing faith in your system, leading to mis-use or refusing to use it entirely? Does this cost your business money and reduce the number of orders you can process per day? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we can help.

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Ever been annoyed when your mobile phone can't find 4G or a wireless signal? Well imagine how frustrating that would be in a warehouse or distribution environment, when performing your job requires connection to the host system, but that connection is patchy or slow.


At Barcode-IT, our technical staff have gained a huge amount of experience in wireless networking from investigating a wide range of problems relating to connectivity within warehouse and distributions facilities, as well as designing and installing new systems from scratch. As a Cisco certified partner, we stay up-to-date on the latest in wireless technology, to ensure we can provide a future proof solution, that won't let you down. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Failed access points, gaps in coverage or trying to use domestic access points in an industrial setting, can all lead to dropped connections and poor WiFi signal. The wireless infrastructure within your operation is integral to the efficient running of your business, so it’s vital that it is configured correctly, to provide optimal coverage for the specific hardware your operators are using, wherever they are in the business. We are often assured by customers that their WiFi networks work fine after testing using a laptop or mobile phones, but as industrial data capture devices roam from access point to access point in a different way, this may not be a sufficient way of assessing coverage.


At Barcode-IT, we can provide a full onsite wireless health check of your network and highlight any areas of concern or improvement to ensure the environment is optimal for your chosen mobile devices. Let us use our years of expertise to solve your connectivity problems, and ensure that business is not slowed or halted by WiFi drop outs.


Need to replace your wireless network or install one for the first time? Designing and installing an industrial wireless network can be complicated and there are many factors that need to be taken into account when positioning and configuring access points within the warehouse. Additionally, how the wireless survey is conducted in the first place is just as important. That's why, we work alongside trusted partners to offer you everything you need to get seamless coverage right throughout your operation, from the wireless survey and supply of access points, to cabling and installation.

Don’t let poor wireless coverage make your operators lose faith in your logistics software and hardware, contact us today on 01200 441977 for a wireless health check or to have a full wireless survey and network installed.

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Wireless Health Checks

Installing Wireless Networks



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