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THURSDAY 19th SEPTEMBER 2024, 9.30AM - 16.00PM


Fed up of attending generic supply chain events in huge exhibitions halls where you come away more confused than informed? Then this could be the perfect Supply Chain and Logistics event for you!

Join our team at the first Barcode-IT Supply Chain Summit to discuss all things barcoding and speak to industry leaders about their use of barcode technology within the supply chain. This is not an event where you'll be confused by the latest 3 letter acronyms or shown technology that isn't relevant to 99% of businesses. Our aim is to get together a group of likeminded supply chain professionals to share experiences and war stories about solutions they've implemented and learn about new technologies that could really improve your supply chain processes, regardless of what ERP you run or the size of your business.

We'll have case studies from our customers, a panel of industry leaders sharing their experiences, talks from software and hardware partners about how their technology can enhance your supply chain plus displays of the latest devices for you to actually get your hands on and test out.

If you think this could be just the event you've been looking for register for your place below:


09.00 - 09.30

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15.30 - 16.00

16.00 - 17.00

Welcome & Networking Breakfast

Introduction To The Day

TEC RFID: RFID Solutions That Work

Barcode-IT Customer Case Study


Waizu: EMMs & Virtual Cabinet Software, including Trade Chemicals Case Study

Nokia: Private Wireless Networks

Lunch including Networking and Exhibitor Showcases

Customer Panel: leading industry professionals discuss their supply chain experiences

Nimmsta: Pick To Light Solution


Locus Robotics: Automated Warehouse Robotics

Close & Networking Drinks


Locus Robotics innovative and award-winning multi-bot warehouse picking system eliminates unproductive and wasteful walking time, making work easier, faster, and more accurate. Warehouse workers don’t have to push heavy carts or follow slow-moving robots, and they’re not tied to a single order or limited by cart capacities. Pick more orders, faster, lowering cycle times and increasing throughput.


Waizu began to solve the challenges that companies have when managing their mobile devices day to day, and it aims to reduce the cost to those companies as a result. Whether tablets, smart phones or rugged PDAs, solving the challenge of missing or lost devices is a huge problem and Waizu is dedicated to delivering appropriate business and people-focused solutions to these challenges.

Businesses can be hesitant to implement RFID because it can be complicated; finding hardware and software from different companies and piecing together a solution. Technical difficulties, such as a difficult environment or hard to tag assets can hamper the effectiveness of RFID but we solve that by being the one place where you can get everything you need for RFID: readers, antennas, tags, software and more.

Nimmsta circle.png

NIMMSTA enables high performance picking with the world’s first Industrial Smart Watch, fundamentally revolutionising intralogistics. The optimised picking workflows are displayed on the innovative Smart Watch. Their new Pick To Light solution allows users to be guided directly to the location of their next pick, improving pick rates.


Nokia Digital Automation Cloud - An end-to-end application platform for private wireless connectivity and automation. Private wireless as a service, is a plug and play 4.9G/LTE and 5G solution that will support your most demanding use cases and applications, with reliable high capacity and low latency connectivity for business-critical performance.


In any warehouse, tracking operational assets is paramount to any successful supply chain business. Utilising the power of Velocity and Neurons for IIOT, empowers our customers to setup automated workflows to configure and control all aspects of their supply chain ecosystem. Ivanti will be showcasing how to setup and configure an automated monitoring solution from picking to delivery.

Laava Logo.png

Laava helps brands tell trusted stories and turn their products into secure connected products, with our patented Laava Smart Fingerprint® digital identity technology. Laava delivers a unique, unclonable digital ID for each item - enabling real-time authentication, tracking, & personalised consumer engagement.

From label design to print - Loftware (previously known as NiceLabel), offers everything you need to manage your labelling process, in one, easy-to-use system. Their Cloud solution is designed for rapid deployments at one site or across multiple locations, it is an ideal solution for mid-sized or growing businesses and can be integrated with any ERP database.

Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems. Continuous innovation and high quality offerings, are the distinctive elements at the base of Datalogic success for over 50 years.


Transform the visitor experience with EntrySign's intuitive, modern and versatile visitor management system. Visitors can sign in quicker and easier than ever before, all while collecting important information. Staff can see who is on site in real-time, or in the past, view analytics and manage site controls. Employees can also sign in and out effortlessly, with a range of contactless sign-in options.


Mytton Fold Hotel and Golf Course is located in the stunning Ribble Valley, just off the A59 and conveniently located close to the M6, M61 and M65 motorways. Langho train station is located within a 10 minute walk and provides a convenient connection to Blackburn, Manchester, Preston and York.


Preferential room rates for any delegates wishing to stay over either the night before the event or night after can be arranged, so please contact our team for more information.


Thank you for registering. We will be in touch shortly!

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