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Whatever your operational requirements for capturing barcode data efficiently within your business, we have a solution. Whether you’re scanning from a forklift truck, from the ground up or require your operators to be hands free, we can recommend the right data capture devices for your requirements and budget.

Do you need to replace your existing Windows based devices but aren't quite sure how your software will run on Android OS? Or are your existing Android devices unable to support the latest version of Android and need to be upgraded? Our experienced consultants can ensure that your transition to new devices is as smooth as possible, working directly with your software provider or recommending one of our trusted partners. Not ready to upgrade your software to Android compatible just yet? Our experience with Wavelink and other Terminal Emulation (TE) solutions, means we can emulate your current software seamlessly onto your new devices. Connect easily to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Netsuite or any other ERP system to transmit real-time data from your warehouse to your sales team or direct to customers.

Mobile data capture devices come in a variety of form factors; pistol grip, PDA, wearable and corded/cordless barcode scanners. Choose the right device for your business using our handy guide below:






Let's face it, warehouse and distribution environments require a data capture device that can withstand even the toughest of conditions. Whether it's hazardous areas, ambient or frozen environments, or just the ability to withstand the rough and tumble of a warehouse, Barcode-IT can supply a device to fit your requirements. 


The traditional, handheld mobile terminal with pistol grip is still a firm favourite within many manufacturing and distribution settings. Able to scan at both extended and close range, one device can be used throughout the logistics process for different tasks, meaning that you can take advantage of economies of scale and devices are interchangeable between different areas of the business. With many devices now featuring larger touch screens, as well as a keyboard, these units offer something for every operator.

All of the devices we recommend are available with manufacturer extended warranty contracts, that comprehensively cover your units, even in the case of accidental damage, and ensure that they are repaired and returned within a few days, to minimise downtime. Devices with a warranty contract in place are also eligible for Android OS updates, within the capabilities of the units themselves.

Looking to upgrade to new data capture devices, but unsure whether your existing software can be used with the Android OS used on the majority of modern devices? No problem. We work alongside companies like Ivanti, who have produced sophisticated software products that ensure Android migration is seamless and brings the mobile web interface forward to leverage the touchscreen experiences your employees expect on Android. Using Velocity Browser, powered by Wavelink, there's no need for middleware between your mobile devices and your host. Implementation is simple and fast.

Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Pistol Grip Mobile Terminals

Pistol Grip
TC8000-front-alltouch-te-screen copy.png
Honeywell CK75.jpg

They may look like mobile phones, but they're far more rugged and purpose built for harsh warehouse and distribution environments. Running Android OS, operators enjoy the familiar, touch screen interface and large, graphic display of a mobile phone, helping them easily navigate through tasks to complete their work. Suitable for short and medium distance scanning, PDA devices can be easily carried around the warehouse, either using the handstrap or a shoulder strap. Most models are available in a range of screen sizes, making smaller PDA devices ideal to pair with ring scanners for a wearable scanning solution.

So why choose a PDA style device over a traditional pistol grip gun? A larger screen size enables operators to see everything they need to on one screen and their similarities to mobile phones, including the look and feel of the Android operating system seen on screen, give operators a familiar user experience, making adoption faster. If keyboard entry is required, this can be achieved using a pop-up keyboard, configured to only show the button required. Perfect for tasks that require a signature, like POD, the high quality camera can record damaged deliveries or returned goods.

PDA Style Mobile Terminals

tc53-photography-product-front facing.png
Memor 11_edited.jpg

Wearable Scanning

They might look like something out of a science fiction film, but wearable scanners are becoming more commonplace within warehouses. Users get all the functionality of a mobile computer but keep their hands free to perform order picking and other warehouse tasks. Mounted on the head, hand or wrist, these scanning devices link with tablets or mobile computers via Bluetooth to provide users with the ultimate operational experience and improve productivity and efficiency.

The latest advancements in ring scanners ensure that operator comfort is at the forefront. Ring scanners are now available in one and two-fingered options and are small enough that their weight isn't a hinderence to operators. Offering diversity in how they can be used, ring scanners can be worn on a finger, the back of a hand or on a lanyard.  Single-sided trigger models accommodate gloves and double trigger models lets workers switch hands on the fly. You can count on reliable operation despite drops, bumps, dust and even a high-pressure hose down due to their rugged design and the choice of multiple scan engine options allow you to choose the imager that best matches your scanning and aimer requirements, delivering first time capture of even damaged, dirty and poorly printed 1D/2D barcodes.

Looking to take advantage of the latest hands free technology? Head mounted displays are now a realistic option for the warehouse. Paired with a ring scanner, head mounted displays allow you to project the information workers need right into their real-time field of view, freeing hands and eyes to remain on task.

For more information, contact us on 01200 441977 to book a demonstration and test the equipment within your operation to see whether these productivity boosting data capture aids really do what they say they will.

Operator using a ring scanner and head mounted dispay unit to pick items.
sps-ppr-Honeywell_Warehouse_CW45_Mobile Computer_11.jpg

Barcode Scanners


Mobile or tethered? Imager or scanner? 1D or 2D barcode capabilities? Handheld or fixed position? The choice of barcode scanners on the market can make deciding on the right model for your application a little confusing. Barcodes come in all different types, able to contain different types and amounts of data, so choosing the right barcode and therefore the right barcode scanner can be quite complicated. At Barcode-IT, we will match our recommendation to your needs, so that you end up with the right scanner at the right price.

For more information on pricing or arranging a demonstration/trial of any data capture or barcode scanning devices, please contact us on 01200 441977 or e-mail us.


What Do Our Customers Say?


Dave Potts, Flows Manager

Transitioning from Windows to Android has been really seamless - we've had no problems at all converting our existing applications for use with Android. Our system is now future proof and we no longer have to worry about down time caused by ageing devices, so we couldn't be happier.


Hilmar Schwulst, IT Manager

It was a pleasure working with Barcode-IT on our Hand Held Terminal upgrade.  From providing us with loan units to do our testing, swapping out models as testing needs changed and answering many myriads of questions. Their service has always been prompt and the support has been outstanding.


Noel Fox, Shift Manager

Since refreshing the mobile devices our pick rates have increased, stock accuracy has improved and we've had an all-round improvement in productivity.



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