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RFID technology is not new, but the real world uses of the technology are. Still a relatively complex technology to implement, if not specified and executed properly, it's important to make sure you speak to the right providers when looking for an RFID solution to enhance your supply chain. We work with the best software and hardware suppliers to ensure we can provide our customers with a workable and beneficial RFID solution.

Popular within retail, automotive and healthcare industries, RFID technology allows businesses to speed up operational processes, track and tally assets and improve customer satisfaction. However, the design and installation of RFID technology is crucial to it's success, so using an RFID partner you trust to make the right recommendations is paramount.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can revolutionise operations by automatically locating tagged objects at greater speed, accuracy and volume than traditional methods. However, there’s more to implementing RFID than you might realise and it's not the right solution for every business, so it's important to get the right advice before implementing the technology. Unless properly engineered, metals and liquids can play havoc with RFID, reader and tag frequencies can collide and tags not made for harsh environments can fade or fall off.

As a certified Zebra Technologies RFID partner, Barcode-IT have the knowledge and experience to advise customers on whether RFID is the right solution for their business. Working alongside specialist software and hardware partners, we can recommend and supply a full RFID solution; from readers to antennas, from printers to software, supplies and service for every type of industry


Case Study - Fontaine Fifth Wheel
RFID Track and Trace Solution

When Volvo and Daimler requested full traceability throughout the manufacturing process of their fifth wheels (the coupling between a lorry tractor and trailer), Fontaine Fifth Wheel contacted long standing partner Barcode-IT for advice. Barcode-IT recommended using RFID technology to trace products through the painting and drying process, as standard barcodes would be covered. Working with Zebra Technologies, Barcode-IT created an accurate and comprehensive RFID Track and Trace Solution that ensures Fontaine can provide their customers accurate and comprehensive data on all products leaving their manufacturing site. Watch the video below for full details.

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