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Choosing the right barcode printer for your application is important. Over-specifying will be an expensive waste of money but under-specifying could mean higher costs in the long run due to down time and premature failure. Let us use our experience, to help you navigate the range of thermal barcode label printers on the market today and find the right option for you.

Printing clear, barcoded labels directly from a database, ensures that you have the right information in an easy to read format, exactly where you need it. Courier labels contain the correct address information to get to customers, product labels can be scanned to make sure the right product is dispatched and orders can easily be tracked throughout the logistics chain. However, finding the right printer for your requirements and budget can be a minefield. Let us show you the options, so that you can make an informed decision and get the right printer at the right price.










For 24/7 printing in the warehouse, you need an industrial printer that can cope with the demand; both in terms of the number of labels per day and the rugged environment. Buying a printer that suits your requirements is important to ensure value for money and reliability. There are two tiers of industrial printer; light and heavy, offering different price points that reflect their ruggedness. Available in 203, 300 and 600dpi printhead resolutions to enable printing of small or detailed labels, and in 4, 6 and 8 inches wide, there is a rugged printer to suit any type of print application you may have. Contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to make suggestions.











Small footprint and low cost, don't have to mean a compromise on quality. If you're looking for a low volume printer, that can sit on a desk or packing bench with limited space, our range of desktop printers may be what you're looking for. Ideal for courier labels or infrequent or low volume print jobs, desktop printers can be purchased for use with direct thermal media (no ribbon), thermal transfer media (with a wax or resin ribbon up to 300m in length) or even using a ribbon cartridge, where thermal transfer print in necessary but time is of the essence, to reduce time taken to replace fiddly ribbons. Available with USB or Ethernet connectivity and with a range of label size and material options, contact us with your requirements and we'll give a range of options.






Printing solutions for workers on the go. Mobile thermal printers enable workers to print labels at the point of requirement, instead of walking back to stationary printers or pre-printing labels at the start of the shift. Printing on the move, reduces the likelihood of mis-labelling and reduces the time taken to despatch orders and label product. The latest technology brings many more options for mobile printer media, offering both paper and plastic direct thermal labels with a longer shelf life if required.


Some of our primary hardware partners include industry giants like Zebra Technologies, Sato, Printronix and Honeywell. Many of these printers can be slotted into existing printer populations due to their ability to understand different printer manufacturer languages, meaning that should your existing printer fleet begin to fail, you can replace them one at a time instead of all at once. Contact us for options or to arrange to borrow a demonstration printer.

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Industrial Printing

Desktop Printing

Mobile Printing

Sato PV4 Mobile Printer

What Do Our Customers Say?

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Mark McNamee, Typhoo Tea

Barcode-IT replaced our ageing barcode label printers with modern SATO units. From arranging the finance lease, to the supply and installation of the equipment, through to the maintenance of the units, we have had exemplary service and support. The printers are at least 3x faster in operation and with significantly reduced downtime (and improved monitoring capability), has greatly helped improve our labelling efficiency.


Sam Stell, J Stell & Sons.

The NiceLabel solution implemented by Barcode-IT makes label printing simple. The solution is robust and being seamlessly integrated with our SAP B1 software means that it really can't fail - it just works!


Mark Cookson, Singleton's Dairy

"Barcode-IT provided us with an easy to use yet powerful barcode labelling package. This has increased the accuracy of our product marking, helping us to maintain integrity with our key customers."



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