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Let us help you unlock the full potential of SAP. Enhance the functionality of SAP with specialist logistics modules, barcode label printing and industry leading data capture hardware. Our consultants provide an agnostic overview of solutions for your business, ensuring your SAP solution is a best fit for your business.

Implementing an SAP solution is a huge financial and operational investment, however many systems are under-utilised and don't achieve the commercial gains they're capable of - particularly within the supply chain - due to poor understanding of the software and its capabilities during the project planning and implementation phase.

Whilst your SAP partner may know everything about delivering an SAP ERP solution, they may not have the knowledge of supply chain best practise to gain the efficiencies you should expect from a fully integrated solution. At Barcode-IT, our experience within both the SAP logistics field and barcoding industry means that we can advise your business on the best way to get the most out of SAP, including barcode label printing, data capture hardware and operational infrastructure, as well as introducing a number of software partners to ensure you have a user intuitive interface to enhance user experience and unlock productivity gains to the full.

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At Barcode-IT, we know how important it is to get the right advice before purchasing a solution. That's why we offer our customers a truly agnostic consultancy service when they come to us with SAP projects. We partner with multiple companies in every sector: software app developers, hardware suppliers and device management solutions, to ensure we can offer our customers a range of options, so that they can find a best fit solution for their business needs.

Our 30 years experience in the barcoding industry and experience working with SAP customers, enable us to consultant on all aspects of the project, meaning that our customers can speak to one company, yet get access to all of the leading software and hardware solutions on the market. This has recently been recognised by SAP and we have been accepted into the SAP PartnerEdge programme, which enables us to further our knowledge of SAP, to provide an even better level of service to our customers.


To ensure we can provide our customers with an end-to-end SAP logistics solution, we work closely with a number of SAP® software specialists in SAP Business One®, S4/HANA®, ECC, and HEC, who excel in delivering mobile applications that run on the Android and Windows based data capture hardware. User intuitive applications transactions can all now be used directly in the workspace, using the latest mobile barcode devices to take your SAP® ERP directly to your employees.

Standard and enhanced SAP transactions can be handled by workers carrying out operational transactions, using the latest handheld data capture terminals to direct them and scanning barcodes to complete transactions in real time, with instant updates to SAP. This massively increases productivity, reduces errors and improves efficiency right across the business.

A range of standard SAP transactions are available for mobile devices, including; Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Materials Management (MM), Proof Of Delivery (POD), Stock Room and RFID.

Software Applications
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Producing barcoded labels using data stored in SAP couldn't be simpler when using printing solutions from Barcode-IT. Our combination of intelligent barcode design software, high quality thermal printers and years of experience integrating with SAP, means that achieving accurately printed barcode labels is simple.

Barcode Label Printing

Our customers quickly see the benefits of an integrated label printing system, including improved accuracy in information displayed on labels, higher customer satisfaction and increased efficiency and productivity. Our software uses data taken directly from your SAP system, through a certified connector and automatically triggers printing, ensuring that all data is correct and not duplicated. From the operator's point of view, label printing couldn't be easier, as they either simply press print or the system can be configured to print automatically.

Benefits of automated barcode printing include:


  • Eliminate mistakes caused through human error - as data is taken directly from SAP there is no need for manual inputting of data.


  • Seamless integration means that you don't need to change your business processes, retrain users or implement new transactions.


  • Eliminate the need for third party assistance; reducing costs and improving response times for producing new labels, label amendments and complying with customer requests. Produce new label templates in minutes, not days!


  • No coding required - the software integrates with SAP script, Smart Forms, Interactive Forms and ABAP Reports to avoid the need for complex coding and software programming.


  • Instant deployment to all new printers - over 2500 different printer makes and models are supported by our software and can be added to the system in minutes.


  • Multiple labels can be produced from a single transaction, freeing up operators and increasing productivity.


  • Powerful business rules give flexibility - produce bespoke label designs to comply with varying customer specific requests and regulations.

Save valuable time by previewing “finished labels” containing label templates and master data from inside SAP. You can also maintain an electronic archive of finished labels. Rapid printing requires labels on-demand. Instant “first label out” capabilities don’t place a burden or strain on the SAP spooler resulting in no SAP spooler lag. Take on-demand printing to new levels of efficiency with real-time status notifications. You no longer need to check the spooler, printer or job error state. Confirmed delivery reduces help desk calls.

The label management system comes with a ready-to-use ABAP package that enables print previews of the label template with master data.

  • Everything happens within the SAP system’s user interface

  • Tight integration without writing code

  • ABAP package can be transported into a SAP system within seconds

  • Streamlined SAP label printing process in a matter of hours

A document management system (DMS), a fully-integrated part of the label management system, gives you a centralised database of all of your label templates. You get a complete version history on all templates, built-in change request and approval workflows and complete visibility regarding everyone who has accessed, changed and printed labels in your organization. Our DMS digitizes your entire quality assurance process and gives you all the history and documentation you need to perform quality control.

Our label management system has built-in filters and business rules for SAPscript’s Raw Data Interface (RDI) and XML for Smart Forms (XSF) format. There’s no need to purchase costly, complex external connectors. With our label management system, you have everything you need to roll out a fully digitized label printing and production process without writing a single line of ABAP.

To download a free 30 day trial of our powerful label print and design software click here or view our recommended thermal and mobile printer models here.

Data Capture


Barcode-IT provide a full range of hand held terminals and mobile computers, to power SAP operations throughout the work space, from industry giants, including Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell.

CK65 Scan (small).jpg

Mobile computers and terminals are connected in "real-time" to SAP and allow the operator to complete the transaction directly into SAP, without leaving his location in the business.  Devices are fitted with powerful barcode scanners to allow data to be effortlessly and 100% accurately input into SAP by scanning product, pallet and location barcodes.  There is no middleware (translation software) required as the terminal uses an SAP mobile screen utility or SAP approved APP to guide the operator through a series of menu driven transactions at all times providing information from SAP itself and returning operator inputs directly back into SAP.

Looking to upgrade to new data capture devices, but unsure whether your existing software can be used with the Android OS used on the majority of modern devices? No problem. We work alongside companies like Ivanti, who have produced sophisticated software products that ensure Android migration is seamless and brings the mobile web interface forward to leverage the touchscreen experiences your employees expect on Android. Using Velocity Browser, powered by Wavelink, there's no need for middleware between your mobile devices and your host. Implementation is simple and fast.


Barcode-IT have developed the expertise to help you make an informed choice about the right mobile computers for your business and budget, based on usage, application and environment. You can view some of the mobile computers and wearable devices we recommend here or call us on 01200 441977 to discuss your needs or arrange a demonstration.



Do your staff complain of data capture devices or mobile printers losing their WiFi signal, meaning that they can't perform tasks? Is important data lost, causing administrative issues? Or is frustration causing device damage or a loss of faith in your ERP system? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it might be time to health check your wireless infrastructure.

At Barcode-IT, our expertise extends to every aspect of the supply chain and one of the most common issues we hear from customers is operational complications from data capture devices dropping out and losing connection within the warehouse or production facility. Often the cause of this is the WiFi coverage provided by the existing network infrastructure; either not being suitable for industrial data capture devices or having drop out zones or failed access points.

As a Cisco partner, we are able to provide and recommend the best access points and positioning to ensure wireless infrastructure is optimised for both the environment and the devices being used in your warehouse/distribution centre. Our experts have helped some of the UK's biggest companies rectify WiFi issues, including L'Oreal, Bentley Motors and Mexichem.

Additionally, our wireless experts are able to survey, design and install wireless networks into new warehouses, to aid expansion or for those who have not previously had an industrial wireless network installed.

Project Management
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Let us take the hassle out of managing the implementation of your new SAP supply chain project. Our vast knowledge of logistics and supply chain operations gives us a unique vantage point from which we can oversee your project. Deal with just one company who can co-ordinate all of the different elements of your project, so you have just one point of contact, instead of numerous. As an agnostic project management team, we can eliminate the blame culture that can happen during project implementation by quickly identifying and explaining any issues you may encounter during specification, installation or during the support phase. 

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At Barcode-IT we pride ourselves in how we support customers both during and after implementation of a new solution. Our support team will help guide your staff through any teething issues or questions they may have about new SAP solutions, to ensure they are fully onboard with the project and take up is a quick and seamless process.

We recommend manufacturer Comprehensive Cover to all our customers, so that they can rest assured that any damaged or broken hardware can be fixed within days, without large adhoc repair costs and triage all issues by e-mail or over the phone, to try and get our customers operational again in the quickest time possible.

Our managed device services offer customers an easy way to manage their fleet of both data capture terminals and tablets, as well as printers. Android and SAP client software updates can be pushed out effortlessly and devices sent away for repair, can be quickly put back into circulation.



For customers that have been using an SAP solution for a number of years, dealing with particular quirks of the system or finding work around using external software products, like Microsoft Excel, can become second nature. Our team of experts can come into your business and advise  steps that can be taken to improve day to day operations or pinpoint underused software functionality that could improve efficiency and accuracy within your system. 

Similarly we can provide WiFi network health checks to ensure any new devices purchased will roam seamlessly around your facility. Newer technology often has different requirements to legacy devices, so it's imperative that infrastructure is updated and checked to avoid drop outs and issues on go live.

glen dimplex.png

Graeme Mackinnon, Glen Dimplex (Burnley)

We have had a relationship with Barcode-IT for many years and they have helped us successfully deliver a number of major projects. Their technical knowledge of warehouse hardware & infrastructure is unmatched and we have benefitted greatly from this experience. Barcode-IT are our GoTo company for SAP warehouse devices & support.


Lee Retson, Plessey Semiconductors

As we are starting from scratch, the team at Barcode IT have been the key ingredient to making the rapid deployment of our first SAP barcoding solution possible. We have been able to leverage their extensive industry knowledge and wealth of contacts, to create a bespoke solution that exactly matches our growing business needs. We are confident that all our hardware requirements will be expertly managed during the forthcoming implementation phase. 


Paul Brough, Boughey Distribution Ltd.

Barcode-IT gave us excellent advice when migrating from Windows to Android hand held terminals to run with SAP. Following a site visit we were left with fully configured equipment to trial and on-going technical support, whilst the proof of concept had been completed, which in the end saved us a significant amount on the project. They are now our primary partner for supplying solutions that drive our SAP warehouse operations.

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