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Wearable Barcode Scanning


Wearable scanning is being seen more and more as the ideal tool for warehouse operatives, who need their hands free to perform order picking and other warehouse tasks. Mounted on the head, hand or wrist, these scanning devices link with tablets or mobile computers via Bluetooth to provide users with the ultimate user experience and improve productivity and efficiency.




They might look like something out of a science fiction film, but wearable scanners are becoming more commonplace within warehouses. Users get all the functionality of a mobile computer but keep their hands free to enable quick and effective picking of smaller bin items or shelving.



Zebra RS5100 Single-Finger Bluetooth Scanner

The latest Single-Finger, Bluetooth Ring Scanner from Zebra is feather-light, yet rugged and industrial enough to survive in tough warehouse and distribution environments. Taking on board the high expectations of today's warehouse operators, the RS5100 has been designed to counteract opposition from users about size, comfort, hygiene and ease-of-use, to assist with user adoption and therefore increase productivity from the day of implentation. Available with Class 1 Bluetooth support, the RS5100 can roam up to 300 feet/91.22m from the host device, so that it an easily be paired with vehicle mount devices or a dongle in a laptop. For more information on this new, light-weight ring scanner click [here].

Zebra HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display

Put the right information, at the right time, right in front of your workers' eyes to increase task efficiency and accuracy, with the new HD4000 Head Mounted Display from Zebra. The first industrial device of it's kind on the market, the Zebra HD4000 aims to boost efficiency within your business by overlaying the most relevant contextual information over your operators' real time field of view, providing a truly hands free solution for picking, assembly and field work tasks. Using the Software Development Kit (SDK) and ready-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), it's easy to integrate the HD4000 into existing and new applications. Easy to use, comfortable and rugged enough to withstand everyday drop, bumps and spills, the HD4000 is set to revolutionise many operational workplace tasks. For more information, click [here].


ProGlove Mark 2

ProGlove produce wearable devices that are almost a natural extension of the workers' tools and their most recent Mark 2 product connects to industrial tablets and mobile computers via Bluetooth. By eliminating the need to pick up a regular barcode scanner, ProGlove is able to speed up your processes by up to 50%. ProGlove’s complementary software solutions give users feedback on the tasks performed, which reduces mistakes, improves quality, and provides tangible data for future decisions. For more information on ProGlove Mark 2, click [here].

ProGlove Mark 2



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