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Reduce Shipping Errors With Mobile Printers

Updated: May 19, 2021

Mobile printers are now commonly used for product labelling and printing despatch documentation within warehouse and distribution settings, but have you ever considered using mobile printers to print carrier labels directly from your WMS or ERP? Not only is it more efficient to add carrier labels at the point of despatch, but by pre-populating labels with data, errors from data entry are all but eliminated, as the information is taken directly from the system, rather than being entered by the operator.

We believe that this functionality is key, which is why it has been built into our in-house created, warehouse management solution; Dexterity WMS. This feature gives our customers complete control over the despatch process, as the system automatically prints out a carrier label using the shipping information provided within the sales order. This ensures that the correct service from the allocated carrier is selected, the correct address information is populated and the correct carrier label is stuck onto the right parcel.

Additionally, there is no need for the operator to remember which item is which in a complex multi-order pick, where mistakes can easily be made, especially in fast-paced environments, like e-commerce warehouses, where speed and accuracy is critical.

Sometimes even in such a well-designed solution, there can be problems with the carrier booking in process - the most common being an incorrectly entered postcode or a missed data entry line - but Dexterity WMS has the solution. Should an error occur, Dexterity automatically prints an error label, showing details of why the carrier has rejected the booking, so that the issue can be quickly rectified and the correct details added to the documentation.

All of this is done from the data capture device that the operators are using to perform the warehouse transactions. No going back to a PC attached to a stationary printer to complete the despatch process. No time consuming or rushed data entry process to get the parcels on to the carrier before cut off. The solution works for just one, or multiple carriers and can be used in conjunction with both single carrier services or carrier selection services, like Metapack.

For more information on Dexterity WMS or printing carrier labels to mobile printers, please contact us on 01200 441977 for a no obligation consultation.

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