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All of the functionality of label print and design software but accessible anywhere. Ideal for multi-site or worldwide organisations to ensure labelling is standardised and controlled throughout the business. 

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Cloud label printing solutions mean that label templates and printing can be accessed anywhere, by anyone with authorisation, via a web browser. Manage your entire labelling process in an easy-to-use system, designed for rapid deployments at one site or across multiple locations.  The licenses are subscription and include the SMA (Support and Maintenance Agreement) as standard, with the option of purchasing access to the Knowledge Base to ensure your employees can complete Loftware Cloud training at their own pace whenever they need to.

There are 3 versions of cloud printing software: Cloud Designer, Cloud Business and Cloud Compliance.

Cloud Designer
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Start designing and printing barcode labels with ease using Loftware Cloud DesignerLoftware Cloud Designer offers smaller businesses an easy-to-use and secure cloud-based label design and print solution, which allows them to design, store and print professional labels in minutes. 

Loftware Cloud Designer is a comprehensive label designer that delivers a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience. Quickly design professional labels without IT help. No prior knowledge of barcoding or designer training necessary, no investments in training due to access to an extensive online knowledge base and absolutely no coding.


In contrast to traditional on-premise label designers, Loftware Cloud Designer offers greater collaboration within companies for label design, storage and printing. Its cloud-based platform enables users to operate their label and printing operations from any computer and in any location without being impacted by license keys, lost label templates or printing incorrect labels. Additionally, Loftware Cloud Designer is always up to date, so users don’t need to manage manual upgrades.


A cloud-based label designer is a great alternative to more traditional, legacy labelling approaches or other solutions that aren’t purpose-built for labelling.


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  • Easy to use design software

  • Ready to use templates

  • Connection to cloud data

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  • Secure cloud-based storage

  • Easy collaboration with co-workers and service providers

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  • Print accurate labels from anywhere from any device.


Contact us to arrange a free 30 day trial to fully explore all of the features of Loftware Cloud Designer

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Loftware Cloud Business is aimed at larger enterprises where multiple employees design and print labels for the business. It includes all of the design functionality of Cloud Designer with the addition of integration and automation to ensure seamless data transfer from your database or ERP. Additionally Loftware Cloud Business contains a Control Center and Document Management System offering a fully controlled and managed label printing solution, particularly important for companies operating in regulated environments. 

Go from catching errors to preventing them

Loftware's Document Management System stores all label documents and configurations in a central database and can be used to move label design templates into production and automate the entire review and approval process.  The DMS includes a label compare feature that automatically compares two label revisions and highlights the differences, helping reviewers to quickly identify even minor changes and giving organisations a higher level of quality control. Make label changes in a test environment and preview these changes before they go live in the production environment. This protects the core label data and ensures no unchecked changes are published in the live database. Administrators get full control over how and when changes are published to make sure the information is correct every time.

A record of every label printed providing a full audit trail

Cloud Business's history feature keeps a graphical view and data record for every label ever printed across your entire organisation, recording all system errors, events and alerts. It provides the necessary audit trails and documentation to comply with regulatory requirements and the reports feature gives you the information you need to improve and fine-tune your production processes and compare the workload across servers, users and printers.

Quality management systems and regulatory agencies often require comprehensive documentation and audit trails regarding your labelling processes. With Cloud Business, administrators get full control over who has access to specific labelling processes and can determine which level of access each user has. Role-based access control (RBAC) regulates access to documents and resources based on the roles of individual users.

You can manage the entire label review and approval process directly in the DMS. The publishing approval workflow automates the routing of label documents to quality control managers for review and approval. When a label is sent for review, the DMS automatically sends an email to each reviewer, which they can then use to compare, approve and reject changes.

Manage printers from a central location

Labels aren’t the only thing you can manage from one place. Loftware Control Center's printer management simplifies printer administration and reduces demands on IT. You can manage all your printers, handling installation, updates and user access, from a central location.

Loftware Analytics offers real time, advanced reporting to help you understand and improve your label printing process. Find out how many labels you’re printing, which templates you’re using, how your printers are performing, and more – all from one easy-to-use interface.



Contact us to arrange a free 30 day trial to fully explore all of the features of Loftware Cloud Business

Cloud Business
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Cloud Compliance

Loftware Cloud Compliance is the world’s first public, validation-ready cloud labelling solution. It is the simplest way to design and print labels in a regulated environment and often used within the pharmaceutical, medical devices and life sciences industries.

Loftware Cloud Compliance can be used to digitise your entire approval process, automating mass label changes and approvals without creating hundreds of label variations and allowing you to test any changes before making them live in your production environment using the system’s three-tier environment: Development (DEV), Quality Assurance (QA) and Production (PROD)

Loftware Cloud Compliance has been designed to comply with the major regulations impacting the life science industry, including EU MDR, FDA UDI, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. It includes built-in role-based access, document versioning, configurable approval workflows, electronic records and electronic signatures (ERES), plus a 12-year print history, which enables you to visually track every label you’ve printed during that time.

Importantly, Loftware Cloud Compliance is a validation-ready labelling solution, designed to streamline the validation process, which is further enhanced with the option of the Validation Acceleration Pack (VAP). Our team can assist with IQ, OQ and PQ documentation as well. We also reduce the validation burden by only updating the software once a year and when it is time for a software release, we give you a three-month window before updating your production environment.


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